Is now the right time to go 64-bit?

  theDarkness 14:33 24 May 2011

Ive been looking into upgrading or buying a new system, but am unsure of whether to take the plunge into 64bit or to just stick with 32bit? I had enough incompatibility issues with both Vista and 7 on 32bit trying to run many XP programs and hardware, which had me beginning to think that windows compatibility was increasing getting alot worse than ever before, which perhaps might open the market up to a far wider range of operating systems as a result than ever. Not that thats a bad thing! Im thinking now may not be the right time to go 64bit, especially if alot of drivers for hardware may still not yet be available, or for old hardware, never will be. In the end I think Ill probably end up with a dual boot system with XP and possibly Windows 8 when its released later this year, so ignoring any older XP era hardware or programs, has anyone had major incompatibility issues with a 64bit system, using Vista or 7, when trying to run current 32bit hardware or programs? Thanks for any info :)

  theDarkness 16:09 24 May 2011

being able to run software as far back as 95 on 64bit is a good sign, as even XP would struggle with alot of 95 software that I had tested before :) most sites I looked at were suggesting that the situation wasnt good, that alot of drivers for certain hardware (eg printers) could be a big problem on 64bit. I suppose if its big branded/for popular hardware, then its likely that 64bit compatible drivers are going to pop up eventually, official or not, in the end :) thanks for that

  theDarkness 16:15 24 May 2011

sorry read that first reply too fast, about your 95 era scanner installation disc! :( yeah-its hard to tell if some incompatibility issues may be the result of using the new operating system in general, rather than the fact that its now 64bit

  bremner 19:38 24 May 2011

You will only experience issues with drivers for old peripherals in W7 64 bit.

A problem with software compatibility in W7 64 bit will be the same in W7 32 bit.

  CurlyWhirly 10:08 26 May 2011

I was cautious about upgrading to a 64 bit OS (Vista) in 2009 but I've had very little trouble.

In fact the only trouble I've had is a few old games not working that I can do without anyway !

  theDarkness 23:15 26 May 2011

I know a few people that have upgraded their systems (mainly in the ram/hd space department) and yet still use xp. A few of them were only ever using their systems with programs that had fairly low spec needs, so they never felt the need to upgrade. As you say, there doesnt seem to be enough of a difference these days to warrant a major upgrade unless you are dealing with gfx or gaming. Come to think of it, I do know of a few designers that still use xp. If an earlier operating system still runs the programs they need at a great speed, why bother? It almost seems we've now reached a point where upgrading is becoming far less necessary than ever before. As for operating systems, I hope that 8 does last alot longer than Vista or 7 - that ms dont start a new habit of releasing a new op system every 2 years, and that those that finally upgrade from xp to windows 9+ dont get too much of a shock relating to incompatibility! Ill definately be trying out 8 beforehand, just in case it turns out to be another vista, eg not different enough, and now with drm management :( I have to say though that Im using 32bit vista now on this laptop, and after switching that pointess function off, Ive never had issues with the system. My Time branded xp desktop (since 2000) lasted until a few months ago (i think its psu finally died-it lasted far longer than I expected it to!) but now may be the time to finally replace/update it :) thanks

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