Novatech/Lian Li

  ukpostcode 20:46 15 May 2010

Got a mate who bought a pc from Novatech.
But it's badged LIAN LI?
Do they make the pc's for Novatech?
They have the full Novatech warranty etc.
And the pc works well & no problems since they have owned it.

  Strawballs 21:35 15 May 2010

They use allsorts for their own brand I bought one of their own DVD re-writers and it was a Liteon

  Þ² 07:21 16 May 2010

Novatech don't manufacture components...

They buy in stock and then build PCs from that said stock.

And as Lazarus says Lian Li are the case manufacturer, every other component will be manufactured by someone else.

It's exactly what Dell do on a smaller scale, they don't make components they just buy them in. The difference being Dell are big enough to order customised parts and Novatech aren't.

The fact that Novatech use retail parts makes it easier to replace bits when they fail. It's an advantage!

  spuds 13:05 16 May 2010

For re-badging, look at Dell's printer range, which usually comes from other well known manufacturer's with slight modifications, usually on the printer cartridge holder.

  ukpostcode 14:20 16 May 2010

Cheers for the input.
Friend had a look inside their pc & found that even though it's a Novatech pc most of the components are from different makers.

They dont really mind as the pc does the job they bought it for.

  Þ² 17:40 16 May 2010

Your friend is the first person I have ever heard of that expected the parts of the pc to be made by the builder. It doesn't happen.

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