Novatech Solo Centrino Vs 54G issue

  caleb2003 15:42 20 Oct 2003

Sorry for the long email but here goes....

Basically I purchased the Novatech Solo Centrino notebook with a view to using it in a home
wireless network for which I had already purchased the equipment.
The notebook was advertised as having Wireless built in but I wanted the
enhanced speed that 54G offers so I initially called the sales centre to check this would take the 54G products which they verbally confirmed it
However The Notebook crashes whenever any 802.11G card is inserted in the standard
Cardbus slot.
After many months of chasing this problem with Novatech and with the helpful company that provided me with the 54G cards, I was most dismayed after speaking to Novatech Management immediately they went on the defensive
to say the Notebook was never advertised as 54G compatible and that it was my problem.

Well I bought it on the knowledge that it had the correct cardbus slot which should have been ok for any device, also they do not ever list every cardbus slot device it would be compatible with as the list would be too long, So that point is rather lost on me.

In the end they said it was an Intel problem and now Intel say that is rubbish I have thrown it back at Novatech but they aint done nothing for 2 weeks.

I don't know where next to turn as it seems companies can just say that it is a compatibility problem and you are just stuck with it.

Any ideas?

  bfoc 18:03 20 Oct 2003

You made it clear that your ordering the computer was on the basis of using it in a particular manner and it cannot be used in that way then you are within your rights to demand a refund, or to allow them to upgrade your computer to allow it to be used in the way you stipulated.

However if it came to a claim in court you would need to PROVE that you made it a condition. That might be the problem. Of course if you have the proof then everything should be, relatively, straightforward.

  caleb2003 18:32 20 Oct 2003

That is the problem I suppose with buying from call centres and internet outlets.

It is all in the conversation, this happens all the time.

Tx for the reply.

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