Novatech. Possible problems?

  Nick1 06:46 15 Jul 2003

I bought a secure digital memory card for my camera a couple of weeks ago. It was dead on arrival so I contacted Novatech by email to request return instruction. I recieved an automated reply only. I then phoned on Saturday and could only get through to sales. They were distinctly unhelpful and told me to phone technical support on Monday. I emailed again, this time rather strongly worded and did got another automated reply. I phoned too late (5-30 pm. They close at 5-00) so I emailed again and did not even get an outomated reply this time.

I am getting distinctly worried abou the fate of my £36) and I want the chip for going on holiday soon.

Anyone else got a query?


  Sir Radfordin 08:17 15 Jul 2003

Why if you were told to phone technical support on Monday did you then send them an email?

Your best bet is to speak to them on the phone, but failing that write to them and send it special delivery (to prove they got it) stating that you want to reject the card under the Sale of Goods Act as its not fit for its purpose and if they do not collect it or provide a way for you to return it you will take legal advice.

  ardvarc 08:43 15 Jul 2003

Have a look at their returns procedure. I have found that these online retailers cannot think for themselves as they have to go by everything the computer tells them. One company gives you a returns number, RMA, and if they don't see it clearly on the returned package then it goes to the big container marked Rubbish Skip never to be seen or heard of again and you can shout as loud as you like. Don't follow their procedure and they can't find anything. Initiative, logic, common sense is not taught in company policy it seems.

  Bandy 09:35 15 Jul 2003

I can only suggest talking to the company. Having dealt with them many times I have encountered the occasional problem, but each time they have sorted it out quickly and in a friendly manner.

  david.h 21:26 19 Jul 2003

novatech on the phone are very good, but they never read or reply to emails. if you phone on a week day you should get a good result. anyone know what happened to the monthly blooth draw they had

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