Novatech Matrix Pro 64 3500

  spindlefox 15:25 03 May 2006

Anyone bought this PC recently? Is this still a reasonably up to date spec for the money or are there better deals out there? I have heard very good things about Novatech (particularly on the PC Advisor forums).

  Totally-braindead 15:32 03 May 2006

It has integrated graphics, now this is ok at the start but I would want a PCI Express slot for putting in a graphics card. Theres not one mentioned on the site but there is one mentioned in the Novatech magazine. If it does have a PCI Express slot then its good but if not I wouldn't buy it. I think the Matrix Elite 3500 is a better buy, £100 more but you get a 256mb 6600GT graphics card.

  spindlefox 16:12 03 May 2006

Thanks Totally-braindead
I have checked and it does have a PCI Express 16x slot which is good. Although the Elite includes the graphics card, it only has 512mb of memory. I already have a Sapphire ATI Radeon graphics card (either the 9600 with 256mb, or the 9550 with 128mb - can't remember which). Do you think this card combined with the Matrix Pro would make a good setup?

  Totally-braindead 16:41 03 May 2006

I presume your card is an AGP one, if so it will not fit in a PCI E slot.

  spindlefox 21:33 03 May 2006

Good point - do new PC's now still include an AGP slot? I can't see any reference to one on the website?

  phoenix198 23:04 03 May 2006

Generally speaking the budget priced or 'better' new PCs tend to come equipped with PCI-E graphics card expansion slot now (if they have one at all).

'Superbudget' or entry level PCs may still have an AGP slot, but tend to be powered by older Sempron or Athlon 64 socket 754 processors, or perhaps an older Celeron processor.

There are exceptions, but you'd have to do some pretty detailed research to find one. I may be wrong, but you'd likely lose out on the faster Athlon 64 (3500+ upwards) processors that require a socket 939 motherboard.

That said, Novatech do themselves sell socket 939 motherboards with an AGP slot click here but I too could not find an AGP equipped PC on their site.

  spindlefox 23:13 03 May 2006

Thanks for all your input, on balance I think I may go with the Matrix elite.

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