Novatech Barebones PC

  joe_123a 21:53 13 Dec 2005

hallo all,

I'm in need of some advice on a barebones system I'm thinking of investing in,

the system is from novatech and the link is

click here

what are your opinions on this system? will be buying HDD + more ram and a decent grfx card aswell.

would i be able to install XP Pro that I bought for my laptop onto this computer strait off, or would it need a grfx card to work at all :-S

help would be appreciated


  Totally-braindead 22:31 13 Dec 2005

I would put more memory on it, up it to 1 gig, only thing I'm not that keen on is no SATA connection but I suppose you could always buy a SATA card later if you wanted it. Can't comment on the overall speed etc of the Intel chip because I prefer AMD and don't know much about them. It doesn't mention onboard graphics so you will need a graphics card and regarding your Windows you are not allowed to install it on 2 PCs.

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