spacecadet 15:04 02 Feb 2007

hi has anyone used novatech blank media.
I am looking at dvd+r to work with aa dvd recorder that i could also use with my pc.
any feedback appreciated

  Totally-braindead 15:56 02 Feb 2007

It works with mine but it really depends as much on the recorder as the media. What I do is buy the smallest amount and if it doesn't work swap with a mate, providing of course it works with him.
I think I've been rather lucky as I haven't had a problem with any disks at all, they all burn ok.
I have a Liteon DVDRW.
I bought some Novatech DVD-R last month and when they arrived they were Datasafe ones and they work fine.
If you have a computer fair near you they can be handy as you can pick up one of each just to try.

  spacecadet 16:49 02 Feb 2007

thanks totally braindead
ive used maxell dvd+r on both machines aswell as imation so ill give them a whirl

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