Notebook PC with mobile internet access

  BKARM 11:32 18 Feb 2004

I need to purchase a notebook PC that will enable me to access the internet from virtually anywhere. I'm aware of WIFI hotspots and plug in GPRS cards but my knowledge is so limited that I'm concerned I'll go and buy something that then doesn't do the job. I'm not looking for specific recommendations on what notebook to get but I am looking for any pointers on what I must have and better still, suggestions where I can go and find good information about what I need to consider. If anyone has gone down this same path I'd love to hear what about the lessons you learned.

  byfordr 14:00 18 Feb 2004

To connect anywhere you need wireless card that will work with any of the wireless standards a/b/g something like click here
Also if you have a 10/100 RJ45 Network Port then you can connect using CAT5e cable as well if there is no wireless available. Some like click here has a centrino processor which in theory should be able to connect to any wireless network for more info click here



  GlobalPC 14:13 18 Feb 2004

As long as the laptop has a PCMCIA card slot (virtually all do) you'll be able to use a wireless access card. Go for a 802.11g card. it will connect to all current hotspots, although probably at 11Mbps (the 802.11b std) but you will be ready for 54Mbps as it's more widely adopted.
Connecting is very easy - nothing to be concerned about.

  BKARM 17:03 19 Feb 2004

Thanks to all! The guidance on what standard of wireless card I should get is exactly what I needed. It's clear from what everyone's saying that I will need a slot that will handle a wireless card and GPRS card (interchangeable as I'm not going to be using both at the same time). If the notebook has a Centrino chip then I probably don't need a wireless card? Right? On a related point, does anyone know what kind of performance I can expect from a GPRS card?

  bfoc 18:42 19 Feb 2004

A Centrino laptop with built in wireless, a built in modem and a Nokia GPRS compatible phone on O2.

I have used the wireless at University and at home, and the GPRS phone, via a USB cable, when in a non-wireless environment. The GPRS speed, whilst allegedly 115K, seemd to me to about the same speed as a good 56k Modem.

One word of advice when using GPRS it is a good idea to 'turn off' graphics, unless you really need them, as most providers charge for GPRS by downloaded traffic.

Hope this helps

  BKARM 17:12 20 Feb 2004

Thanks to all again. I now have all the guidance I need to go out and get the right kit.

  byfordr 20:10 20 Feb 2004

Some pretty good prices on wireless kit... click here

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