Not too keen on Evesham at the moment

  wideboy 08:50 13 Mar 2005

I ordered a new pc from Evesham a couple of weeks ago, configured as I wanted it. It arrived yesterday at 7.45am, so at 8.00 I started to put it together. I even followed the instructions (a strange occurance for me I can tell you).

After checking everything is plugged in and in the right place I switch the power on in anticipation and - NOTHING. Actually, that's not quite true. The fans come on but that's it.

I'm not posting this for a fix, it's under warranty so Evesham can fix it. I am just disappointed that quality control seems to have gone amiss here. I have opened the cover to check nothing has come off in transit, and all appears to be ok, s my guess is either a faulty motherboard or PSU. Surely a problem like this would have been picked up if the machine is tested properly.

Ok, I've had my little rant and I feel so much better. Thanks for being so understanding. Same time next week.

  Forum Editor 09:04 13 Mar 2005

I can understand your frustration, and no doubt you have double-checked everything once again - including the connection from the PSU to the motherboard, and that the CMOS battery is properly seated. The machine will certainly have been running correctly before it left the factory, so it's worth making one more check.

Otherwise I'm sure Evesham will soon sort it out.

  Southernboy 13:39 14 Mar 2005

a couple of things I am uneasy about.

When I unpacked the PC there was a thin film of tatty blue plastic attached to one side on the box. No doubt, this is how the cases are supplied but, surely, it should have been removed in assembly?

OK, you say, peel it off yourself. I tried to but one end is firmly fixed by the front panel. The result is that I now have several unsightly ragged ends of blue plastic sticking out of the join between the case and the front panel. It rather shakes my confidence the inspection and checking process if something so obvious was either missed or ignored.

Secondly, the noise made (presumably by either the power supply and/or cooling fans) is rather louder than the model inspected in the Evesham shop. Morever, every few minutes, there is a distinct "flutter" which may, or may not, be normal. Further, during use and shortly after shutting down, any slight vibrations on the desk (such as gently opening and closing a drawer or moving something) causes a ticking sound from within the PC. It does not happen before the PC is switched on, suggesting that something may work slightly loose during use. It seems impossible to discover the cause.

This PC has a cordless keyboard. After a few days, I have had several occasions when the keyboard failed to respond to characters being typed. The Cordless Mouse works fine. Wait awhile and it works again. I have also had several "freezes" when attempting to access the Help and Support screen.

These may be teething problems but, am I doing anything wrong?

  gum 14:38 14 Mar 2005

Dear wideboy.I too purchased a computer from evesham,and had endless problems with it.Mine too was very noisy so i looked inside to find that the processer fan was rubbing against the main loom.In the end i got my money back and now have a dell and is very happy.good luck

  realist 16:34 14 Mar 2005

I suggest you copy your posting here to Evesham in an email and ask them to replace the cpu for you and let us know what happens.

  anchor 17:16 15 Mar 2005

I hope that the Evesham PCA forum contact is reading this. Perhaps he/she may care to comment.

  wideboy 18:53 15 Mar 2005

Thanks FE

Tried pushing & pulling cables all to no avail. So I removed the 2 memory cards, swapped them around, and hey presto - one working PC. Cue one hurried phone call to Evesham to tell the engineer not to call. I feel such an a**e.

  TBH1 09:19 16 Mar 2005

wideboy - - why should you feel 'such an a**e' ??? You shouldn't expect to have to do this sort of thing with a new PC - - - imagine someone faced with that who new nothing about them !

For what its worth, my last PC was from Evesham and had no problems at all with it.

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