Not sure what category this comes under

  pj123 11:53 07 Jul 2003

I have an item on ebay for auction. I received an email offering to buy. "I am interested in this item but rather skint at the moment etc...." I checked this persons history and it appears they buy quite a lot of stuff. Looks like a buyer and seller to me? You know buy low and re-sell high.

Any comments please? If this is the wrong category I apologise.

Get back in touch with him and see what his "best Price" is - skint or not. If it acceptable to you then you can accept and hold onto your goods until he mas the money to pay you, if not, then let the auction run its course.

I would suggest that the latter is the best option anyway, lots of buyers (myself included) wait until the last few hours to browse the items for sale and put in a last minute offer. In this way it is often the last 20 minutes that the price really goes up.

I would not be concerned at fraud or anything else, you obviousely wont be sending the goods to him until he has paid, will you???

  TBH1 12:17 07 Jul 2003

watch out for this user trying to sell this item before he has actually sent you the money - - - if he can't shift it he will come up with an excuse not to pay you. Could be wrong though - - -

  pj123 12:26 07 Jul 2003

Smiffy99. My thoughts exactly. I don't send out anything until the funds have been cleared.

TBH1. His/her history showed a really good payer.

  bamfiesler 15:02 07 Jul 2003

He has to play your game: get the cash in your account first. I hate the after-auction mail from undercutters, ie, people who come in with a low offer when the item fails to sell. Get the cash, otherwise ignore him!

  pj123 23:14 10 Jul 2003

Cheque has been sent to me. When funds clear the item goes out. thanks everyone. ticked now.

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