Not so much a question - more to inform re Skype

  Nontek 19:33 14 Dec 2012

Just wanted to point out for those using Skype, that after the latest update, it is now possible to EDIT texts in a chat, even after 'posting'.

Simply right-click on posted message to see several choices including EDIT Message - this includes being able to add/remove 'smileys' ...

  rickf 20:16 14 Dec 2012

Thanks for the info

  Nontek 20:27 14 Dec 2012

You're welcome - I found it by chance!

  Nontek 13:19 15 Dec 2012


Fine, so how, as a matter of interest, did you know/find out about it? I ask because there is nothing mentioned about editing, in the Skype on-line Site.

As I said, I only found out by chance after my latest Skype update - been using Skype for years.

  Nontek 18:57 15 Dec 2012


Can you please answer my question, I am keen to learn.

  Nontek 09:02 16 Dec 2012


Or is it perhaps just your midget brain trying to look clever??

  iscanut 09:40 16 Dec 2012

Does it matter how he found out ? You say you are keen to learn, well, you have learnt by finding out for yourself. The best way not to get any more help is to become abusive to fellow posters !

  Nontek 09:54 16 Dec 2012

Yes, IMHO it does matter - I asked a straightforward polite question which has not yet been answered. I prefer not to leave learning as a thing of chance, I would like the facts, rather than just a silly statement like its been there for ages and ages ...

  Nontek 10:16 16 Dec 2012

If Midgetninja can come back with proper details of where/how to find the information re Editing in Skype, I would have great pleasure in offering my congratulations and a very sincere apology for my doubts.

I opened this thread to pass on what was to me, new knowledge, it has been acknowledged by at least one other forum member, so perhaps there are others also to whom this bit of info was news and who would be greatful for fuller facts as to how/when/where to find the info, other than by chance.

  Nontek 12:33 16 Dec 2012


Thankyou, point noted, and sincere (I do mean it) apologies to you - I should have checked on Google as you say.

Yes, most of my whole life is spent on or around my computer, being disabled and almost housebound it is my way of keeping in touch.

I don't always get it right!

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