not pc related, bank related

  wky 18:32 16 Jun 2006

Hi just would like some advice, I bought an item from ebay, and payment went through successfully, about a few days later, I bought an item from argos with the same visa electron card. The argos item went through sucessfully, but I have not seen the ebay item go through, I went online yesterday found that the ebay item did not go through yet and there was also not enough money, so I transferred some money over, which was instant. So today i receive an online letter which says I must pay £39 because there were not enough fees to cover the ebay payment, the payment was made through paypal. The letter was sent yesterday or typed yesterday and I received it today. Do I have any rights here? or not. Should I just pay?

  Rayuk 19:08 16 Jun 2006

Who is asking for £39 your bank or Paypal.Do you mean not enough funds[not fees] to pay.

If there wasnt enough money in your account perhaps thats why it wasnt showing the payment for ebay[paypal]what does it say in your paypal account re payment?

  wky 19:14 16 Jun 2006

nah paypal payment was fine, it's my bank that wants the money.

  Rayuk 19:28 16 Jun 2006

So they want £39 for charges because you had insufficient funds to cover payment
What is showing on your online account now?

  wky 20:03 16 Jun 2006

on paypal nothing is shown, just says payment taken successfully. On my bank account, they sent me an online letter saying they want £39 because there wasn't enough money in my bank account for the paypal transaction. But there is no paypal transaction shown on my bank account.

  ade.h 20:58 16 Jun 2006
  Forum Editor 21:14 16 Jun 2006

and unless you have sufficient funds in your account to meet a debit request your card provider is perfectly within its rights to refuse to make the payment. In effect, you were saying to your bank "I want you to pay Ebay but I don't have the money".

You must ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to meet your commitments - even if one of the amounts doesn't hit the bank until some time after you agreed to the payment. Your bank is entitled to charge you for services, such as meeting payments which overdraw your account, and you are entitled to argue about such charges if you think they're unreasonable.

Bear in mind that a debit card is a very simple device - it's just a convenient way for you to spend your own money. You mustn't spend the bank's money unless you have an agreed overdraft facility - unauthorised overdrawings always attract a penalty charge.

  spuds 21:40 16 Jun 2006

wky--Is your banking arrangement on-line only?.

I have a on-line banking account, but any communications like you have stated, would be sent via mail, not provided on-line.

A penalty fee, would not show as a fee against a PayPal payment. You will only find that an instruction from you, to PayPal for the purchase of an item, will show on a banking or credit card statement.PayPal will notify you via 'Pay Now' settlement, how you have paid the seller and by what method.

  wky 22:07 16 Jun 2006

hmm. i sent an email to paypal to see everything is okay, they said that I would incur a negative balance if the money did not go through, but there is nothing of the sort yet.

I also found something out, paypal required 7-9 days to clear the payment, but I put money in the bank account, which was enough money to pay for the item, about 5 days later, and my bank, i will tell you it's halifax, gave me the charge today, and saying they will charge me 7 days from the letter, but the date of the letter is yesterday which I only received today.

At the moment all my banking is done online as it is more convenient. Is there anyway for me to not have to pay this charge? I think they may have changed the date for me to give them money. I dunno. Thanks for advice.

  Rayuk 16:43 17 Jun 2006

The only definate way of avoiding fees of this nature is to ensure you have funds in your account to cover payments.

Paypal I believe uses a direct debit to obtain funds from your account if so they must have tried to take it and Halifax refused it and is n ow charging you for this although £39 seems over the top,give them a ring and ask for a breakdown on the charges

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