This is not the original Canon i850

  User-1F69FBFA-3DC0-43D3-81FB02DC4D4087D2 15:28 05 Jun 2004

Unlike many of the postings I have seen on the Canon i850 I had the duff one. Sent it back and it was returned apparently fixed. Then it got stuck and wouldn't print and had to be fixed over the phone. In doing so I discovered the serial number had changed! After much dialogue with Canon they could not explain it, but it would appear that the one I sent back was replaced by another without me knowing/being advised (indeed at first it was denied and has not yet been fully accepted). To cut a long story short I told Canon I'd like either my money back, or my origiinal back in full working order or a 12 month warranty on this 'replacement' which Canon cannot say whether or not it is new or how old it might be or if it is second-hand. Canon say no to all three of my requests. In light of my experience to date I am concerned that if something happens in, say, the next 9 months it'll be out of warranty according to Canon, but I would not actually have owned it for 12 months. Can anyone advcise what to do?

  Rayuk 16:04 05 Jun 2004

I think you will find that if a product is repaired or replaced the warranty will still only be from date of original purchase.

  Stuartli 16:15 05 Jun 2004

That's correct about the warranty.

I had a similar problem with my original only a few weeks old TDK Vortex 12x8x32 rewriter which developed a fault. Rang TDK's Dutch Help number and it was agreed it would be picked up that day, a Tuesday, by DHL and sent to company HQ in Luxembourg.

Within an hour it was on its way and was back the following Friday; however, on examination it proved to be a different drive with an older serial number.

Back on phone, this time to TDK UK office, where a very pleasant manager agreed this was not right, even though being a rebadged Plextor model it came under the same warranty conditions.

He agreed to contact TDK in Luxembourg on my behalf and I also faxed a letter pointing out UK Sales of Goods Act laws etc.

This proved successful and another (new) replacement was despatched from Luxembourg. After a few weeks' use it developed exactly the same fault and, like the earlier ones, was quickly back on its way to Luxembourg.

Again, the replacement took four days to arrive (superb service) but proved to be a rather pleasant surprise.

Instead of the Vortex now out of production, TDK had sent the very latest CyClone 12x10x40 rewriter, an offer I was very happy to accept. It's still in use and hasn't missed a beat (it's based on a Samsung model, the first to feature 24x write speeds at the time).

Price of the original Vortex - £68. Cost of the CyClone at that time, £189...:-)

Not much profit for TDK in this enterprise but full marks for top class after sales customer service.

Rayuk - it would APPEAR it was replaced, but this is not confirmed by Canon. They only say what you say re warranty IF it was replaced/repaired. The change of number suggests replacement, but surely the replacement should be new or I should have the option of a full refund or at the very least an accurate explanation of what has been done!?

Stuarti - if only Canon could be as OPENLY HONEST. Of course I (like you) would be even happier with a better model, but I only expect mine back repaired, or one of the other two options.

All are denied with a lack of clarity about what has actually happened.

  Rayuk 17:58 05 Jun 2004

When you register the printer you input the serial number is this what you did?if so there is the proof it is a replacement.

Then again if you accepted the replacement at the time Im afraid it is to late to reject the printer.Is there not a label on it anywhere with date of manufacture.

It failed before I could register it, but the record I sent with it required me to fill in details including the serial number so I know it is a different model even if Canon will not confirm it. I did not accept the replacement as I was not told it was a replacement, and I did not accept a repair because they said there was nothing wrong with it (the receipt sent back with it indicates no faults and it work initially on return). Also, I did not send it to them authorising repair or replacement - just to allow them to diagnose the problem so I (not they) could decide what I wanted to do!

  Rayuk 18:53 05 Jun 2004

Then that is a totally different kettle of fish.
The question being how do you prove its a different printer.
Did you keep a copy of the original serial No.
Is there a date stamp on this one later than when you purchased it.

All I have is my letter to Canon detailing the problem and the serial number along with other details they required and their despatch note showing tests done to a machine (the one I now have) indicating all is well. Unless the peole who sold it to me keep records that's all I have.

  Wilham 19:37 05 Jun 2004

Does it matter if your serial no. is changed?
The important point is that you have back a fully functional printer, collected and returned with min delay and without cost to you.

If you're denied this service you make a fuss....emails and tel calls to retailer, manufacturer, PCAdvisor mag, this forum, Trading Standards, and so on.

The effort you make doing this helps all of us as consumers to get better value.

For an earlier thread by Geoffy about Canon850i click here

  Wilham 19:41 05 Jun 2004

Sorry,... Should be Canoni850.

Following some niggling doubts I have checked my records on my 'old' PC and lo and behold a record of me registering the i850! Unfortunately only a message from Canon thanking me for doing so and details of who to contact if I have a problem. However, if they have my registration why can they not categorically prove I am in the wrong I wonder?!

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