Not on the mainland ? Ripped off !!!

  Jeddah 10:16 24 Feb 2004

Postage on items

Ebuyer claim to use Royalmail as well as Citylink but when I wanted to buy a £2.23 nic they wanted to charge £15 for delivery (£1.99 standard delivery on the mainland)!
Far as i know Royal Mail charge the same prices for all parts of the UK so thats an immediate rip off . At least dabs are not so shameless , they only charge a surcharge of £5 for small items off the mainland.

Its not like the packaging needs to be special , a small cardboard box, padding , hand to the friendly Post Office staff ! Hell, I've bought stuff in the same size boxes from Singapore and got International Recorded Delivery , arrived in 7 days in perfect order for a third of the price ebuyer charge ..

PC Warranties.

All the magazines comment and partly base the score on warranties , especially on site , yet these don't apply to off mainland , you don't even get a discount just a rtb and a bigger delivery bill.

Sometimes the top 2 computers in a review are closely matched, how do I know the top one wins by virtue of a warranty I don't get ? Do I buy the 1st or 2nd placed ? Perhaps the review should have a winner for those who don't get the mainland extras , recalculate the scores with the warranties excluded.

  Jester2K 10:24 24 Feb 2004

I think you'll find its the courier that charges the extra to eBuyer. Hence eBuyer charge you more.

Or can you prove its a rip off and that eBuyer actually do charge you more just for being outside the UK Mainland??

I suspect Royal Mail is used for Mainland and CityLink for Outside UK Mainland.

  Jeddah 10:33 24 Feb 2004

Then why do ebuyer not do the sensible thing and send it via the low cost Royal Mail?
Giving the small box to the courier that charges the most is not sensible.

If the courier was to deliver it next day , in a stretch limo by a Bond Girl ok! But the courier still takes the same time as Royal Mail, and uses similar , dirty battered vans, and the parcel gets no better handling than if sent via RM , so whats the point of alienating the offshore population ?

  Sir Radfordin 10:46 24 Feb 2004

Ebuyer must either feel that people who do not live on the mainland can pay the extra charged or they aren't that bothered about having them as customers.

They are a business and they are free to supply to who they want at any price they want. If you have a problem with that you either don't buy from them or you take it up with them.

You aren't the first person to complain about such practice this week and no doubt won't be the last but people have to accept that ebuyer is a company and not a public service. They do not have to sell anything to anyone.

Just wait until Royal Mail get there way and charge by distance and you are likely to find your costs rise again.

It may not be fair but nor is life - I for one don't think you are being ripped off.

  Jeddah 10:59 24 Feb 2004

As you say "they are free to supply to who they want at any price they want"

eBuyer have the choice of sending via normal RM at the same price for all, but they don't , as you say perhaps they don't care about those people in the Highlands and Island, NI etc

Perhaps if they started to refuse to sell to or charge extra to blacks or asians or other ethnic minorities you would also say thats ok ?

Discriminating vs one sector of the populace should never be right, even if it does not affect you , you should agree with that . Unless a BNP supporter , no ?

  Jeddah 11:03 24 Feb 2004

Still waiting for comments about the reviews partly scored on warranties not available to all.

All that would be needed would be for a small box at the bottom of the reviews with revised scores . Not that difficult surely ?

  Jester2K 11:14 24 Feb 2004

Are you seriously suggesting a company deliberately over charges over seas customers? And that theres not another reason you've not bothered to look into? Perhaps there are bigger costs in delivering outside the UK Mainland. Perhaps Royal Mail don't deliver outside the UK mainland or it costs more to do so than to use City-Link.

You seem to be suggesting some sort of discriminatory arrangement is in place for those outside the UK Mainland. I say not, and that there another genuine reason for the higher prices. Just because we don't know why that is doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:18 24 Feb 2004

It is reasonable to assume that a service engineer would not be sent off the mainland. I assume this is made clear at point of purchase. You could always move to the mainland.


  Jester2K 11:19 24 Feb 2004

"eBuyer have the choice of sending via normal RM at the same price for all, but they don't "

Do you ACTUALLY KNOW this or are you just guessing?

How do you know RM don't impose some sort of surcharge for deliveries outside the UK Mainland? Maybe they do and maybe its cheaper to use CityLink.

Have you ACTUALLY checked to see if RM can do it for the same price?

  Sir Radfordin 11:24 24 Feb 2004

Not having an indepth understanding of the vairous discrimination laws in this country I can't say what legal obligation anyone has to sell to someone else.

Viking-Direct claim to deliver same day to certain postcode areas - do I then claim that becuase I live 100 miles away from their depot that they are discriminating against me because of where I live? No, I accept that is a business choice.

If eBuyer (as a busines) wish to charge more to someone be it because of location, race, skin color then so be it. They sell a product they can sell to who they want how they want.

I know this view is not going to be shared by many (unless the BNP have a presence here) and it should be noted that these may not be the views that I hold.

As for the warranties issue, then yes perhaps you are right you should get a different score based on where you live but I expect the magazines will feel that is something they can't realistically do. Regualr visitors to this site will no doubt have drawn the same conclusion as me, that on-site warranty can mean so many different things it should never be the prime reason for buying any PC.

  NelsonPK1 11:45 24 Feb 2004

I agree with Jeddah!
Some companies just don't care what price customers have to pay as long - as it's not them!
I live in Ireland and my cost for returning a notebook (under RTB warranty) to AJP within 2 days was 42.50 euro. That's quite prompt delivery - but the company demanded the equivalent of almost 110 euro to send it back.
Like Jeddah I asked if they would use a lower priority delivery but the answer was "No".
Okay, so they can sell to whoever they want, at whatever price they want, but you can't ignore this lack of concern for UK mainland customers. Yes, we don't have to buy from them - but why don't they mention how they'll treat non-mainland customers differently until the deal is done? The "I'm alright Jack!" attitude of UK mainland residents is sad, but the fact is that these companies just don't seem to care about ALL their customers to the same extent.

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