Not dissapointed with Time PC on Christmas day

  erkmatrix 12:55 01 Jan 2003
  erkmatrix 12:55 01 Jan 2003

Sounds like Gaz you have been real unlucky, I bought from Time in 1997 a pentium 2 PC and it still works fine, not a thing ever went wrong with it. So I was after getting a new machine with a bit more power, I've always been on the lookout for good deals and when I saw the Time mirage 2600+ 512MB 120gig with a radeon 9500 all for £899.99, I thought sounds great and bought one for christms and so far so good , runs like a dream. Dunno how I ever stuck with my old machine so long, I'm well impressed with XP, makes everything so easy to perform commands. I got a vision master iiyama 19 inch monitor from the excellent and some decent speakers and the whole thing looks and sounds great.
I have heard people say stay away from Time machines and I think thats abit unfair with most things only ever hear about the unlucky few that may of had a faulty machine and never hear much of the satisfied customer. Anyway all I'm saying is I would recommend Time for a great deal and a great PC.


  Taran 14:04 01 Jan 2003

Yes, it's often too easy to judge a supplier only on those bad experiences you hear about.

Facing the obvious is hard when you're staring at an inoperative computer, but if any supplier averaged more product failures than sucesses they'd be out of business in short order. The bottom line is that most of the systems sold are 100% successes.

Like you, there are many other customers of your chosen brand and of other majoy players who are very satisfied, but normally we don't get to hear about them.

  Andÿ 14:57 01 Jan 2003

I will post the 'Gaz' thread link to complete the circle. :o) click here

  Way 1 15:24 01 Jan 2003

I also have a Time machine and a Mesh, and absolutely no trouble from either. Service from Time's Belfast branch (manageress: Geraldine) has always been first class and extreamly courteous,and whenever I did have any problems (always software related, as I am only a novice) they were sorted for me on the spot and without hesitation.


  marmaduke smallbore 10:46 02 Jan 2003

Good to see that this has been resolved….but lets all look at the facts of this case….more than a fortnight to sort it out!!! In some cases you hear of months!!! If that is considered good service on behalf of Time PC, I’m a Dutchman…and I am not!!!! Also just because some of you Time consumers have had good what!! That's what you have paid for isn't it? In other words that is what we yes...the bad cases are the highlighted cases.

Spare a thought for those of us who use PC’s for business purposes. If the Office PC goes down/does not work etc, everything is effected. (This is why we have to have a spare “get us by PC” in the office)

A Co like Time, really should get there act together and not test the poor old consumers resolve, by torturing them on the phone when it’s not even the consumers fault!!

Granted this was a fault that occurred on Xmas day. However, Time are more than big enough as a Co to be able to offer a field service. If a consumer has paid in the region of a £1000 on one of their products, then they should be able to send out a service engineer to either fix the machine, or take it away and leave the consumer a full refund. This should be done within a day or two of the working period.

It always staggers me, how as a nation we put up with faulty software and PC’s. If you went to a store and bought a Hoover, took it home and it failed, you’d take it straight back and demand a working model or a full refund!! Yet we purchase faulty PC’s and crappy software that is packed with un researched BUGS, and then we seem happy to sit on the internet and down load endless drivers and God knows what to try and fix it ourselves in our own time and expense!! The supplier and Manufacturer get off scott free!!!

Take a stand my fellow consumers!! If you purchase anything that is faulty, you have full rights to a complete refund….the law is on OUR side.

I am sick of hearing stories about consumers who suffer at the hands of faceless corporations that happily take our money and then give us little in the way of support and service.

As for Time: What possible right do they have for charging 50p per minute to a consumer who wasn’t even able to turn his PC on!!! I trust they returned the cost of his phone calls?!!

The less rubbish we take from these firms, the quicker we will start to get proper service!

Here’s a few tips that I use when I am in this situation:
Always get the name of whom you are talking to and the name of his or her supervisor and department.
If you are getting nowhere, ask for the Head Office and name of the Commercial Director/Head of Customer Care etc. If that fails the UK Managing Director.
Try and remain calm and polite at all times….tough order at times!!!
If you are in the right…do not accept any shoddy service whatsoever.
Citizens advice are a good source of advice.
Remember to keep a complete list and log of all calls/Letters. What you said, and to whom and on what date.

These Co’s rely on wearing you down if they can. When they realise that you are persistent …they will eventually take you seriously!

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