Not being advised about answers to posts

  Pappyon 13:37 13 Aug 2003

Why am I not being advised about replies to posts I have made, or threads I contribute to. This just happened recently.

Also I have to type in my email address and password every time I visit the site, despite ticking the box asking for these details to be saved.

  snoresloudly 14:07 13 Aug 2003

did you accidentally untick the little box that says by default you will be notified?? as to the second problem, it happens periodically with me as well, I am not sure but may be something to do with cookies as I have also been having trouble with online banking etc. I am sure someone will be able to direct you in the right direction.

  Wes Tam ;-) 14:20 13 Aug 2003

Pappyon 'or threads I contribute to' - you don't get advised when contributing.

Is snoresloudly correct about 'not being advised about replies to posts I have made'?

'have to type in my email address and password every time' - have you any software like CookieWall that is deleting your cookies?

  Pappyon 14:54 13 Aug 2003

Excuse my stupidity. I erroneously thought I should be advised abouting contributing to somebody else's post when another person contributes to the thread after me.

In relation to cookies. I am using ieclean, but it is set up to store the cookies I get from PC Advisor.

The strange thing is, when I logged on just now, my email address and password were filled in. At times I have to fill in my email addy and password, and at other times I don't, and this is Without making any alterations to ieclean. Maybe there's a gremlin at work.

  Stuartli 19:27 13 Aug 2003

Have you checked that first and third party cookies are enabled in Tools>Internet Options>Privacy>Advanced tab?

  polymath 20:45 13 Aug 2003

I've recently stopped being notified about posts to topics I started.

Where's that little box? I've looked in Update Details & elsewhere, to see if it's still ticked, but can't find it again.

  Sweet Parmania 20:53 13 Aug 2003

As far as I know the checkbox only appears under any new topics you start just to the left of the Submit button.

  polymath 21:00 13 Aug 2003

Thanks S. P. I didn't remember ticking the box each time of starting a new topic - maybe it just became instinctive, until I lost a few more brain cells!

  Forum Editor 21:19 13 Aug 2003

of people complaining about not receiving notifications when in fact they have been sent.

This is because sometimes people register email addresses with us that aren't subsequently checked for inbound mail - or are only infrequently checked. The notification system is automated, and will send email to the address that was registered in our database.

  Pappyon 08:35 14 Aug 2003

I have tried your suggestion after logging off, and when I logged back on my password and email address have been saved. (It may help me with the trouble I am having with the Onetel site also!)

I will keep my fingers crossed and hope it's like that every time I log on on.

I thank everybody who contributed to my post.

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