not acting on warranty

  hollandpossee2 08:40 17 Jul 2007

I am having a problem with advertise in your
I know it is not your responsibility to sort this out but as they advertise
in your magazine I thought I should bring my problem to your attention...
.I purchased a computer off of them at the start of the year as soon as I
loaded windows on to it, it kept on dumping the physical memory and restarting
suggesting a faulty ram chip....
I tried to contact them several times getting no would work for
10 min's then dump again and restart??
about 1 month later I tried to start the computer up to get in contact with
them again and the power lights come on but nothing monitor,,, I
cant even open the DVD tray???
the computer is under the years warranty but as I have been trying to get a
reply for nearly 6 months I am concerned that my warranty will expire before
they deal with it thus leaving me with a computer that is useless..
and if i had waited a year to buy a new pc i could have got a much better
one for the same money....
.please can you help me with any advise to resolve this problem as i am
getting no joy writing or using their web site.....i only want them to act on the
warranty and repair my computer......i have since gone down to PC world and
bought a new computer off of them as i feel i have been completely ripped off
by goldenelectronics for £ has put me off of buying from the
Internet ever again....
.i hope to hear from you soon with any help you can give me...
thank you

  Jackcoms 09:18 17 Jul 2007

Try typing golden electronics in the Search box above.

There have been several threads, by disappointed members, about this company in the past.

  Pamy 09:34 17 Jul 2007

click here

Same thread

  spuds 11:08 17 Jul 2007

Get in touch with your credit or finance card company, if you paid for the item that way. They may assist in resolving the problem, under section 75 of the Consumer Credit act.

Alternatively have a word with click here

  Tepes 20:41 26 Jul 2007

I'm having similar problems with them, the best way forward is to get your credit card company involved, mine is currently taking action on my behalf. Save time by sending them invoice, which you probably got by e-mail, and all correspondence, snail or otherwise. Incidentally are you sure you haven't got a three year warranty, they offer this as standard, not that it means much. You should be able to find my thread by typing golden electronics into consumerwatch search, there's more useful stuff there. Good luck!

  bjh 08:08 27 Jul 2007

You will find that the government-sponsored Consumer Direct can give helpful advice in dealing with this kind of matter. A bit simple, apparently, but that's often all that's needed.

click here

If you bought the computer on a credit card then the credit company is equally liable to you should Golden Electronics not do anything.

Keep detailed notes of any telephone conversations you have and, better, use Royal Mail (Recorded Delivery or, better for important letters, Special Delivery).

Post back to tell us how you are getting on, and I am sure you will get more helpful advice.

  spuds 14:22 27 Jul 2007

Are you not repeating what I mentioned 10 days earlier ;o)

  bjh 15:01 27 Jul 2007

No, not exactly.

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