Norton's problems..a temporary glitch?

  spanneress 19:08 16 Aug 2004

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There was a time - and not so long ago - that I recommended NIS or NAV to all my customers as I felt that it was robust, easy to configure, reliable and value for money.

I have worked all weekend till the early hours, was out again at 6.30 this morning and still have a Win98 and 2K laptop on the go in my front room being 'sorted'. The common problem with all the sick PC's? Norton.

Now..much as I am grateful to the company for fattening my wallet..I am at the point of serious eyebrow raising... surely this is not typical behaviour from a market leader? The forum is full of reported problems and frustrated users / engineers..the recommended uninstall / reinstall is far from being a smooth or indeed faultless operation in all but a few percent of cases.

Will this continue? Will they return to their previous status? Will they release patches? Will they say sorry to their customers who have had their confidence trashed believing the fault is thiers as they have followed all the instructions correctly????

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  BIG ben strikes 10 19:21 16 Aug 2004

i have hated NAV from the very first time i have used it for 2 years i had been on it.then when i had a motherboard upgrade there was a pc cillin 2002 and that found 26 viruses that norton obviously couldn't be bothered to get rid of.i did do updates but there no good.and all the pop-ups don't get me get alot of pop-ups on the internet but norton brings pop-ups offline.with all these pop-ups that say do an update?.i hate it ever since found better AV software.thanks.ben

  McD 19:50 16 Aug 2004

I have always had NAV (currently 2002) and I have just renewed my subscription - due to run out in September - and I have installed SP2 seems to be working OK (but MS are stating that there may be conflicts with NAV). So visited the Symantec site and ran the test, only to be told NAV 2002 is no longer supported, it's less than 2 years old!! They want me to upgrade, so I tend to agree - What are they up to??

  spanneress 20:18 16 Aug 2004

Most common problem is that users running NAV 2002/3/4 experiencing major problems with the updates. The install dialog box constantly appears and the updates do not in fact update after spending much time seemingly getting the files. This then results in the users unwittingly leaving thier PC's not up to date with virus protection and thus open to infection. Even using the patches from the Semantic web site has not proved successful for most as the systems' are infected by that stage. Uninstalling is not straightforward and my customers end up getting into a pickle!

Another problem is when user's install the trial version of NAV or NIS, then apply for the full version, pay on line and get sent the activation key. BUT - the full downloaded version will not work on top of the existing trial version or any previous versions...can you see a pattern emerging yet?

Deep unbridled joy.

  Dorsai 20:30 16 Aug 2004

I have Norton 2004, firewall, AV, and utilities, etc, and have no problem at all.

OK so AV don't detect trojans and spy-ware etc, but then these aren't virus's, and it's and anti virus prog. It has caught a couple of nasties though.

I personally can't see why people rubbish it (norton), as i have used various versions of norton utilities over the years, and never had a problem.

ok, so some time ago a very old version of norton speed disk I had stopped working on my new HDD. but the HDD was far newer, and larger than the copy of norton i was running was designed to run on. An update sorted the fault.

But then i could just be lucky.

  spanneress 21:07 16 Aug 2004


I too have been a great fan of Norton for many years - as stated, it has been my recommendation to my client base for a long time which is why I find it so frustrating at the moment. I have had many trouble free just seems that when it goes goes badly wrong and it does not seem to be improving unfortunately.

FE - sorry - this was supposed to be in speakers corner..that will be me classically not concentrating yet again....

  Dorsai 18:36 17 Aug 2004

Then i can understand your frustration when a tried and trused friend suddenly lets you down.

From the sound of it you work in the IT industry, so any suggestion i might have probably fall into the catagory of 'teaching granny to suck eggs'.

It sorta sounds like the useres of the said PC/lap top have got their PC's knickers in a twist fiddling about with that they don't fully understand. Of course this does not make your job of 'untwisting' any less fustrating!

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