Norton’s Nutty

  wee eddie 12:07 22 Jan 2005

Updates: My latest PC has NAV 2004 installed.

Before any of you begin to denigrate their setup, I am usually more than happy, it has kept me protected for more than 9 years.

This, you would have thought was a sensible precaution however I noticed recently that although I have Automatic Updates enabled. It was not updating its Definitions.

So I ran the Updates. Quite a large one, it appeared from the chart, so click the buttons and off it went. 4 out of the 5 updates had been installed and it was only 150Kb from completion of the last and smallest of the Updates, when BT dropped my line!

What happens! You may well ask!

With 2004 – If you fail to download even the smallest part of one of the selected Updates, Norton clears the lot and you have to start again.

I have never been tempted to doubt the sanity of the Norton Programmers before. Now I begin to wonder if they live in the same world as those who are not metropolitan.

  pj123 16:06 22 Jan 2005

Not knocking your setup but if it isn't working now then it is time to change. I went off everything Norton a long time ago.

  961 16:10 22 Jan 2005

May I suggest F-secure virus checker, or if you wish, their full internet protection suite. If you download their trial version they will, within a few days, offer you a good price

If you do not wish to pay, then try Avast virus checker and Zone Alarm free version

Once you have downloaded the files for these, uninstall Nrton which, by all accounts, hogs your processing power and slows everything down

  gudgulf 17:25 22 Jan 2005

If by a large download you mean the URL update for parental control at about 25Mb the try running live update and selecting that on its own.then run it again and pick all the rest.If its not that particular one I would still use live update to manually select a few updates at once in order to stop the line being dropped before your downloads finish.

  wee eddie 17:49 22 Jan 2005

The download was 5 files about 4.5Mg - bits and pieces - I only run AV so no Parental Control.

What appears to have been happening, and this is guess work, is that NAV Live Update has been logging on whilst I am on line and trying to download all the Updates at once.

Normally I am only on-line for 10 minutes or so, so only a few of the files have been downloaded, but as it only installs if the whole package of files have been downloaded, each download has been deleted and no Install has occurred.

Thereby starting from scratch again.

I'm happy with NAV and don't plan to change. I am sure that their crawlers check this site and I got no response (apart from the usual automated response) from a direct e-mail.

  961 18:00 22 Jan 2005

In that case once you are up to date a better option is to disable auto update and arrange manual updates every day or so

  SURVEY 12:22 23 Jan 2005

wee eddie. I would agree with 961. I use Norton Internet Security 2004 which incorporates NAV 2004. I too know that Symantec's programmers develop ther programs to be as user-unfriendly as they can be (and uninstalling gives more problems!). However I have used NAV for many years and never had a virus problem etc. I manually update a couple of times a week rather than let it autoupdate as the autoupdate can slow down downloads of email etc just when you do not want it to.

Norton Internet Security I use as it does ahev Antispam that, althouh not terribly accurate at filtering, does do the job most of the time. I also believe that NIS improves on XP's Firewall. With regard to the large update downloads, if you are not using the parental control option in NIS, then uncheck the NIS URL update download as this is massive for some reason and you do not need it.

Gudgulf thinks that Symantec check this forum - one would hope so and that they would take note of the harsh criticism of their programming and make life easier for us their customers, before they lose them in droves to other AV etc providers.

  freaky 18:33 23 Jan 2005

I use Norton Internet Security, and 'touch wood' am still secure.

I find all their products are very good, but they are impossible to contact if you have an unusual problem! If the answer is not shown on their knowledge base, then you have had it.

I use to use Norton Ghost and had to 'bin in it' because of this.

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