Norton Safety Minder is....

  GuitaringHamster 23:00 08 Apr 2010

Useless. Immensely and inescapably useless. I was looking some pictures of Dartmoor, and clicked onto click here, and Norton turns round and tells me that I am not allowed on it because it is an "alcohol website"! I ask you! I couldn't decide whether it was more or less ridiculous than it's preventing me from accessing a recipe for chocolate butter cream because it thought that it was also an "alcohol website".

Norton was definitely my favourite antivirus software before they installed Safety Minder on my PC without my permission. Why doesn't it just keep to maintaining my computer's virus-free state, instead of stopping me access perfectly acceptable websites?

  KremmenUK 06:52 09 Apr 2010

You can change the settings and allow certain websites that you consider safe surely?

  Forum Editor 07:03 09 Apr 2010

that Norton Safety Minder is designed with the protection of children in mind? It's not intended to safeguard adults.

Just turn it off, and you'll be allowed to see whatever you like.

  GuitaringHamster 18:15 09 Apr 2010

I have tried to turn it off, but it will not let me. I managed to uninstall it once, but rebooted my PC to find that it had reinstalled itself. It is not necessarily the fact that it is running on my PC, it's merely the fact that it has ridiculous "views" on different websites.

  David_2010 08:44 13 Apr 2010


Norton Safety Minder is the newest version of Norton Online Family.
This option is a feature that is not installed by default.
If you decide to install it, then you have to configure it to allow the different right for the different Windows account you have.

Here is the link on how to configure the Norton Safety Minder: click here

And here is a page where there is a video to check what Norton Safety Minder is about:
click here

Whenever you want to disable Norton Safety Minder, there is an icon in the “icon tray”, right bottom corner and you can right-click on it and choose to disable it.

I hope this can help.

Norton Support
For more information, please visit the Norton Support website or the Norton Community

  GuitaringHamster 21:37 13 Apr 2010

Thank you, David_2010. I shall try this now.

  new214 16:21 15 Jan 2011

Hi, I want to ask I've got norton saftey minder and it works ok when using google searches - however when go on to youtube it doesnt seem to work as it allows videos which have nudity / adult content but wouldnt be classified as porn - is there anyway to configure it to block these types of videos rather than block the site?

I have got the settings on it to block Lingerie, Mature Content, Pornography, Sex Education and Sexual Orientation on but you would think this would block videos which have some nudity / adult content but wouldnt be classified as porn?

Any advise? Has anyone heard of k9 web filter and is this free / safe to use?

  sunnystaines 09:23 16 Jan 2011

nice to see input from norton support

  new214 12:18 16 Jan 2011

thanks for the comments bro but I'm looking for advice thank you

  uk-wizard 15:57 16 Jan 2011

Please can you start your own thread - all responses to this thread will be e-mailed to the originator of the thread GuitaringHamster, so if you generate a lot of answers then he gets a lot of unwanted mail.

  961 16:12 16 Jan 2011

Am I alone in thinking that if Norton Safety Minder stops kids (and others) looking at Visit South Devon web site there is still some work to be done?

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