Norton Internet Security? Not anymore.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:21 15 Jan 2007

Just had a problem with activation of NIS2005 following a format and reinstall on our laptop, upshot of which is the requirement to get new security software. Also the update subscription needed renewing. Still using it on the PC (our main machine)as still got eight months subscription left. Over the next eight months we are testing AVG anti-virus and Sygate firewall, both free versions. I suspect I won't be paying for NIS again. I have been happily using Norton for years, since 1999, and have not taken this decision lightly.

  Colin 20:31 15 Jan 2007

I tried NIS2005 that came with my router. It was OK, but slowed my PC down noticeably. I uninstalled it and now only use AVG and the XP firewall, (as recommended by Luis Villazon of PC Format), and I've never had a problem and my PC is faster for it. I know that doesn't help you, but it does raise the question: are products like NIS, McAfee etc really necessary?

  Joe R 20:32 15 Jan 2007

Mr Mistoffelees,

you could do worse than try Avast as well.

Gave up Norton years ago, as I found it a resource hog of the worst kind.

Avast download link. click here

  DrScott 21:01 15 Jan 2007

Norton is just too greedy, and cripples a computer's performance. Avast for me, or I often recommend AVG, as they are simple, pretty effective, and let your computer run as it should.

  microcoder 21:16 15 Jan 2007

You get what pay for.

If you only visit very safe sites then you can get away with the penny pinching free security software.
However if you are a bit more on the wild side and share files P2P then you must invest in a top of the range security suite.

Colin ,XP firewall only protects incoming but if you were sharing files then you would need a firewall to also check the outgoing information.Why? Because someone could be using your pc as a zombie pc to attack other machines.
ZoneAlarm is free and is ok.

It may not be you but the kids might be sharing music or a family member maybe accidentally ended up visiting a porn site!!

I am always surprised by the number of people who defend the high cost of Microsoft XP software etc. but always seem to go for the free security suite.Odd!

Remember,the internet consists of far more than cloned forum chat and slippers.Be safe out there!

  skidzy 21:39 15 Jan 2007

The subject Norton seems to appear weekly now.
We have had many debates over the last few months of how good and how lean Symantec has supposely made its latest edition (NIS2007).

However if the user is not happy with its performance,they want it off the system.And this is where not knowing how to remove NIS correctly causes most problems.
As most here at PCA will know about the Norton removal tool,many households do not.

Some others and myself were recently caught out with a virus while trying to help someone in need.This happened by clicking on the link that was supplied by the person looking for help.Once scanned,AVG dealt with the Virus.

Now i use AVG free on 5 machines and had never been let down,till that day.Though the virus was an old variant,AVG did not pick it up,though since found out that some with paid versions of antivirus (Mcafee) were warned of the virus and stopped it immediately.

So i guess the book is still open to how good Free Antivirus really is !

And Norton..well it will never reach any of my systems,and thats from experience,and i certainly would not recommend it.

For what its worth,i will stick to AVG free and Zonealarm firewall free.

  Jimmy14 21:48 15 Jan 2007

"are products like NIS, McAfee etc really necessary?"

They are very necessary especially to me. Norton has done me proud from protecting my online transactions, blocking unwanted viruses, adware and spyware, fradulent websites, popups and most of all 99% of spam emails. I think it deserves gratitude.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:55 15 Jan 2007

I should remind you all I am only testing free alternatives on our secondary machine. I may still go back to NIS on the laptop. I have already ruled out free Zonealarm based on previous experience and a couple of free anti-virus products. I demand high standards from security software, which NIS meets, as we both use online banking and shop online.

  Colin 21:55 15 Jan 2007

Jimmy14 - I don't disagree with you, but I do all the things you do and I've not had any problems. I'm not saying I won't, but I think good practice is just as effective. Having said that, my PC is only used by 4, what I deem, responsible people. But I suppose if you have kids etc accessing your PC, a more comprehensive package is needed.

  sinbads 22:09 15 Jan 2007

The only good software norton produced was Ghost 2003 and can recomend it as for the other products they are like AOL takes over your computer and hard to get rid of.No antivirus is 100%, if you know of one that is let me know and i may purchase it ;but meantime i'll stick with the freebie ones.

  QuizMan 22:32 15 Jan 2007

I agree with Joe R. It's Avast for me. That covers antivirus and I rely on my router's hardware firewall. Admittedly it only stops inbound traffic, but that's good enough for me.

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