Norton Internet Security 2007 beta

  Jimmy14 02:35 05 Aug 2006

It is now available for download to test. Has anyone tried it yet or planning to try it?
Link below is for the overview of it and to download it.
click here

  freaky 10:07 05 Aug 2006

Gave up using NIS about 6 months ago, found it occupied too much memory, and slowed down the system on my older PC.

Replaced NIS with AVG free and the Sunbelt Software Firewall - Kerio Pro version.

We now have 3 PC's with AVG and Kerio - seems to work fine.

Also running the beta version of Microsoft Windows Defender.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:43 05 Aug 2006

No and No

  Belatucadrus 12:08 05 Aug 2006

I'm not a huge fan of Norton AV products and the prospect of Beta testing one appeals about as much as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Think I'll pass if you don't mind.
Mind you I will admit to testing an AV beta at the moment click here Comodo. The active coverage is "On Access" so it's not as sharp as avast! or AVG and it hasn't been certified by ICSA or Virus Bulletin, but it's unlimited and network capable, so one to watch.

  packettracer 12:16 05 Aug 2006

Not planning to test it, norton tries to hog the system to much. Got rid of it & it's not coming back however it is marketed!

  SB23 12:20 05 Aug 2006

Thanks, but no thanks.
I'm running freebies and will never change that, if I can help it. Had so many problems with Norton products in general, I'd never consider using them again. Stopped using them over 12 months ago.

  rdave13 18:49 05 Aug 2006

Thanks for the info, unfortunately, previous experience with Norton will not allow me to consider it.

  anskyber 19:10 05 Aug 2006

My experience with NAV makes me unhappy to go anywhere near a Beta of their products.

  Totally-braindead 21:22 05 Aug 2006

As the others have said thanks but no thanks. I don't put Beta software anywhere near my computer as it works fine as it is. And I am not a Norton fan either.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:47 05 Aug 2006

I've been using Norton Internet Security and SystemWorks for years and intend to continue doing so. I installed the NIS 2007 beta earlier today. After installing it was impossible to update it, even though the virus definitions were out of date, so as an anti-virus program that is not up to date is no good to anyone I uninstalled it. My NIS 2005 would not then reinstall and SystemWorks refused to cooperate too. Neither of them would uninstall properly either and I had to use Symantec's online removal tool. After that I was able to reinstall and get back to how things were and all is now well. But I am happy with the 2005 versions I am using and it is important to remember that beta programs are always likely to have bugs. I am sure the final retail will be fine.

  Jimmy14 22:09 05 Aug 2006

thanks for your replies so far. The majority of you clearly don't like Norton apart from Mr Mistoffelees. I am a Norton User but after my friend attempting to install the 2007 version today I am definitely not attempting to install and try it. His computer didn't load up but finally we got it to in Safe Mode and Restored it to an earlier day. This is him getting let of lightly just because he tried to install the Beta 2007 version. I am also sorry to hear of your experience "Mr Misteoffelees". I currently use the 2006 version but when the full 2007 version arrives I will be upgrading to it when my year subscription is up.


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