Norton Internet Security 2005 (where to buy?)

  Danoh 20:05 20 Sep 2004

I wonder if anyone has managed to source a student/parent version of this latest product from Symantec. I can only find web sites where you can place an advance booking but none which appears to have any stock.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Bike-it 21:05 20 Sep 2004

I would'nt bother waiting on any Norton products they only slow your system down to a snails pace.
I have recently bought the above Kaspersky anti virus software and it detected 7 viruses which Norton and Pc-cillian failed to detect, my system is now working the way it should be and my connection to the net now seems to be working fine.

  cdb 22:33 20 Sep 2004

I'm not sure about the student version, but NIS 2005 is in PCWorld at the moment.

  Jarvo 22:57 20 Sep 2004

You can download strait from

click here

The good news is that NIS 2005 unlike NIS 2004 does not slow your system down (they seem to have fixed those problems) and you have the good old easy to use and maintain user interface with first class virus detection and removal.

you will probably get many posts saying use this and that, but if you like Norton products then I can highly recommend NIS 2005, I have used many products over the years but Norton has given me the best virus removal and healing of all products.

Ive been using NIS 2005 for two weeks now and all I can say is its a big big improvement over 2004 versions of NIS and antivirus. IF you already have a Norton product (any product) you should be entitled to an upgrade which is only $39 (£27) a snip.



  Danoh 23:39 20 Sep 2004

I'd also read/heard that NIS 2005 is less resource hungry, but I'm prepared to absorb that by surrendering processor power so that it works so well in the background.

Problem is I do not have a US/N.American Credit Card to pay and time is against me for a purchase for my sons PC for Uni. I might just see if he can hold off until I can get a student deal. I've asked him to enquire at college but I think Freshers week has not changed a jolt as he has zero interest in that at the mo!!

  Jarvo 07:43 21 Sep 2004

You don't need a us credit card just use a UK card and you will pay euro vat @17.5% still a lot cheaper than buying in UK especially if you are entitled to an upgrade.



  Noleg24 09:46 21 Sep 2004

Hey Danoh...I really do agree with bikeit...I use to work at BT Broadband and we always got customers coming on saying their connection is slow...there were a number of reasons but one of them was cos they had NIS or Norton my opinion it would be best to get standalone antivirus and firewalls like Zone Alarm and AVG both of which are it dont slow your system down to a point where you cant even play the likes of Solitaire!! but everyone has their preference and its upto you what you get...just beware of the repercussions...

  TomJerry 10:18 21 Sep 2004

They have special deals for students. Just a few pounds if I remember correctly. The same is true for a lot of other packages, such as MS products.

Moreover, univs normally have an univ-wide AVG package and licence, evey student can get one copy for almost free (maybe £1 to cover the cost of CD).

  Jarvo 20:03 21 Sep 2004

Yes NIS slowed your computer a little but to the extent of not being able to play solitaire and slowing down the internet(I am sorry but av and firewalls do not slow connection speeds) is a gross exaggeration, if the product was that bad Norton would not have sold any. danoh asked about the latest NIS product and I told him how it has improved (to the extent it is now unnoticeable in terms of effect on system performance) Norton has many advantages over the likes of AVG and zone alarm in terms of keeping itself updated without regular user intervention handy for the non IT savvy student who just wants to type up assignments and surf the net. As I mentioned above Norton also tends to have a edge in virus removal and healing and I have seen it clean machines that other av solutions have not been able too.


  TomJerry 20:37 21 Sep 2004

if you really want to pay click here

In my view, near free solution provided by most univs is adequete.

  Danoh 22:04 21 Sep 2004

Thank you for your postings which are also appreciated. I am aware that NIS is more invasive and grabs more system resources than some other a/v products. But then its necessary to detect certain viral-like activities and get there before a virus does.

However Jarvo has read between the lines of my posting very accurately indeed.

And its also true my son at Uni is not into IT per se. He's a very experienced user of much software, but he does not get under the covers technically speaking. He would be narked by anything getting in his way for PC and internet usage and so would never be bothered with anything which does not do everything automatically in the background.

I seek to provide that and especially to protect the little bit of work he might deem to do (but I'm told time and again that undergrads are a whole lot more industrious then in my day :) So if its 30 or 50 pounds, so be it for a years protection.

Like Jarvo, I have personally experienced my NIS search and quarantine successfully mine out and protect viruses which had hit other PCs with different A/V on the same network which I had connected to temporarily.

I do not spend any time comparing A/V products but rely on benchmarking tests and analysis of several products, conducted by others.

Norton and McAfee come out well with other A/C products dedicated to the large corporate world. But these tend not to include freeware or shareware products. It may be of interest if there are links to reputable sites with comparative test results which include these as well.

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