Norton internet security 2004 - user security

  djo 13:31 10 May 2004

A friend of mine has installed norton internet security 2004 on his windows 98 PC (and the PC ran painfully slow ever since). He is under the impression that when using this package a Symantec website monitors and logs every website visited and every keystroke made both online/offline. So that rather than protecting him as a user from all the various virus/trojan nasties out there, it gives symantec all his private and personal information. This sounds very far-fetched and completely illegal to me. Can anyone confirm this is not the case so that I can reassure my friend?

  byfordr 13:34 10 May 2004

I thought 2004 had a spyware and keylog scanner built in. ie it detects loggers not does the logging itself.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:28 10 May 2004

Totally ridiculous. You can tell your friend that he is far too paranoid and has an inflated sense of his own importance. There is no reason why anyone would want to keep all the movements on any home computer and even if they did how many people would be needed to interpret all the information.


  rickimalone 00:15 11 May 2004

Norton Internet Security will not run happy on anything less than AMD 2400+ or P4 2.4 with a minimum of 512B right RAM.

I have used Norton for 5 years and this is the most resourse intensive program from them yet.
If your friend is running less than the above i'm afraid that is the problem. I know on the box it gives low spec's but I can tell you from painful experience that the CPU and RAM and what is slowing it down.......Also it does'nt like Windows 98.........

  rickimalone 00:16 11 May 2004

Sorry I must add NIS2004 for the above posts earlier additions are not as bad but still are very resourse hungry......

  Forum Editor 00:32 11 May 2004

points made by rickimalone, I can confirm what GANDALF <|:-)> has said - the thought of a Symantec monitoring centre, with hundreds of staff hunched over their screens, reading Wayne's emails about his trip to Ibiza with his mates is ludicrous.

Symantec does NOT monitor anyone's web surfing habits, or anything else that they do with their computer.

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