Norton Int Sec 2007

  danpep5552 10:00 16 Oct 2006

I am just about to purchase but can obtan oem cheaper than retail version. Same site. Micro Direct. What is the difference? Thanks

  Jackcoms 10:06 16 Oct 2006

Why spend money on any AV and anti-malware product?

There are plenty of free ones available which do just as good a job.

Here's two to start with click here click here

  Jimmy14 10:16 16 Oct 2006

I will give you a answer to the question you put to everyone other than the same rubbish. OEM is Original Manufacture Equipment like when you are building a PC from scratch or software you get with a new computer. I think the OEM version would work still but under licensing terms you are required to buy the normal version, excellent program by the way.


  danpep5552 10:17 16 Oct 2006

I downloaded the free NTL software and it sent my computer into a spin, so as I am living happily with Norton currently and my anti virus expires today, instead of just renewing I thought I would up grade. I dont want to remove Norton from the system as my passwords are in there somewhere and I suspect it it the conflicts with freebies that will cause the problems

  sunny staines 14:01 16 Oct 2006

lets know how you get on with norton 2007 thinking of getting it myself.

  Jimmy14 14:54 16 Oct 2006

refer to my thread I've just posted in Consumerwatch below regarding the PC Advisor magazines review of NIS 2007,
click here

  [email protected]#36 15:05 16 Oct 2006

I used Norton Internet Security for a couple of years. It was cheaper to upgrade than to renew last year for some reason.

However I have now gone for AVG Free. I was a bit concerned for a bit but my fears were unfounded. It works a treat and updates DAT files nearly everyday. For firewall I have Comodo which is just as good as Norton and again free.

I've now let my Norton subscription lapse and have uninstalled it.

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