Norton Ghost,Drive Image and Acronis True Image 8

  rowdy 19:35 27 Aug 2005

I have been reading a lot about the above three programs and there seems to be genuine concern about taking an Image whilst within Win XP. Drive Image always dropped down into DOS to get a stable environment to take an image but version 7 and Ghost 9 ( apparently the same ) do not, taking an Image whilst possible file changes could be taking place. The Professional/Buisness versions still use a DOS environment to avoid possible database corruption.

Acronis still uses a DOS system and appears to be the favoured system.

Has anyone had trouble with within XP Images or opinions on this situation.


  g0nvs 22:23 27 Aug 2005

Have used Ghost with perfect results everytime. Not quite "MS DOS" but "PC DOS" of sorts.

  The Spires 22:38 27 Aug 2005

I have used Acronis Image now for several years, I have yet to have a backup fail.

  CurlyWhirly 23:21 27 Aug 2005

I have been using Drive Image 2002 (originally) and then I progressed to Drive Image 7 and I have had no problems so far despite them now being obsolete and replaced by Norton Ghost.

  GaT7 00:10 28 Aug 2005

Norton Ghost = Drive Image. Symantec (Norton) took over PowerQuest sometime ago.

Acronis True Image 8.0 runs within Windows (not DOS as you mentioned).

Article on Acronis True Image 8.0
click here, which also compares some of it's features to Ghost 9.0.

Also see click here & click here. G

  freaky 10:34 28 Aug 2005

I previously used Norton Ghost, have also tried Drive Image. I changed to Acronis True Image 8 last year as I found it to be the best. The interface is Windows based i.e. no dropping into MSDOS as the other two do. It is also backward compatible to earlier versions of Windows, something that cannot be said of the other two!

I find their after-sales service excellent with prompt replies to email's.

Enough said!

  sunny staines 11:53 28 Aug 2005

Getting Ghost [on system works 2005] to copy a clone drive to more than one dvd impossible, I have seen a thread on in the forum but I dont think it came to a solution. no help on this issues on symantec web site.
Now thinking of trying Acronis!

  stylehurst 17:13 28 Aug 2005

I have tried both Ghost & Acronis Drive Image, the latter is far more preferable. I have yet had an image to fail with this program, whilst Ghost cused no end of problems. I use both Xp pro & W2k.

  rowdy 18:09 28 Aug 2005

Thank you all for your comments and links. I had almost decided on Acronis prior to posting and this still seems the better option.


  nutcrusher 21:08 28 Aug 2005

Before buying or trying Ghost 9 check that your CD/DVD RW is compatible with it, that the drivers & software are up to date - see the norton web site. This could save you many hours of frustration. The CD/DVD RW must support"variable packet writing". At least that is my experience. Today I downloaded the 15 day trial Acronis True Image 8 - it works a treat.

  Brylee 13:07 23 Feb 2006

Last year I have used Norton Ghost. Recently I subscribed to this online backup service called IBackup.

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