Norton Ghost does not support raid/Evesham comput

  daz999 09:52 17 Sep 2003

I have just bought Norton Ghost 2003 as I have been unlucky with my new Evesham computer keeps crashing etc etc.
My computer is a Evesham axis pro td2 with a raid configuration.
Looking through the Norton manual page 66 says that this software does not support spanned,striped,and raid 5 volumes.Am I right in thinking that this software is not compatable with my computer and if so does anybody know of a program that will support raid as i would feel alot better if i could back up my work from time to time.

  researcher 23:37 17 Sep 2003

Hi Daz, I think this belongs in the Helproom section. Sorry I cannot assist directly with your question.

  Wilham 11:25 18 Sep 2003

Apart from raid zero the sole purpose of raid is to provide backup. It was developed to do this in the most reliable way for banking and such. Software for it used to cost a fortune. I cannot see amateur applications, except for raid 0, which is not really raid but used only for its speed.
Additional backup is not an alternative for unreliability in this case.
The raid setup is fussy about the HD's,... ideally a matched pair (or higher).

  daz999 08:15 20 Sep 2003

Thanks guys the computer in question is RAID 0

  ams4127 17:07 20 Sep 2003

My Evesham also has RAID 0 array but I use Driveimage 7. I also have a third HDD on IDE1 to which the image is saved. It all works perfectly.

Have you contacted Evesham support about your problem crashing?

  daz999 18:41 20 Sep 2003

Yes I have just got the pc back from Evesham the problem has now been fixed touch wood.
Take a look at the thread named windows config32 corrupt or missing.

  Chegs ® 21:31 20 Sep 2003

I have tried Ghost/DI 2002,7 and TrueImage 6 to create a backup of XP Home install,none work for recovery of the drives as these are Serial hdd's on a RAID capable mobo,but as I have no IDE hdd's and none of the above progs has the capability of seeing the SATA hdd's(unless I have already installed XP+one of the above) I am thinking of setting up the hdd's as a RAID cfg,only reason I haven't is I have loads of video to render/edit and "losing" 120Gb's is awkward.If M$ or Silicon Image dont release some better drivers for SATA(as the ones I use,XP keeps "forgetting" the hdd's exist)then I am left with either install an IDE hdd for XP to live on,or cfg the SATA as RAID and dump 60Gb's+ of files onto DVD.

  Wilham 11:30 23 Sep 2003

I'm probably a bit slow on this, but if you image save raid zero with a third IDE drive doesn't this slow the system down and so nullify the speed advantage of raid0?

  Wilham 12:10 23 Sep 2003

My son has pointed out it's likely you don't mirror the image but use the third IDE drive for the occsional snapshot.

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