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  ade.h 21:05 03 May 2006

I really cannot decide. I desperately need some imaging software, and it has to be as close to 101% reliable as I can get. I was all ready to snap up True Image 8 at the bargain price of £10.61 before P+P from an Amazon 3rd-party seller click here but... It has much the same mixed reviews as version 9, with some users questioning the reliability of its images on optical media.

I don't have an external drive and the PC in question is a laptop (my desktops use RAID 1 and have been so reliable that I'm not so worried about them) and it's my main business PC. So mission critical, in other words! A recent disk problem has left me crossing my fingers....

Is Acronis really not a problem (a lot of happy users around here, I know) or is the apparently highly rated Ghost 10 worth the extra?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:31 03 May 2006

I've used ghost for a while and it's good.

  ade.h 21:36 03 May 2006

Thanks Dio. I'm quite keen on it, as it seems to be not only well featured, but reliable. Possibly the "white sheep" of the Norton family!

I haven't been able to get all the details about it though, so would you be able to tell me what it's like for imaging to DVD? That's the main reason for my need for backup software - all my most important docs are already backed up to a flash drive on a daily basis, but it's the System and Program partitions that need to be saved.

  Danoh 21:44 03 May 2006

I've got True Image 9 and the obsolete PowerQuest DriveImage7 as well.
Have recovered op sys and other program drive images using DriveImage7 faultlessly on countless occasions.
However, I have yet to have to recover using True Image 9, which is also my insurance for business machines.

I'd used a very old version of Ghost before but DriveImage7 has proved just as effective and I would expect True Image 9 to be the same.

I ought to test out recovery with my True Image 9's backup images, but have missed the bank holiday opportunities just past!

  €dstowe 22:01 03 May 2006

It's not the software that you have to worry about with backups on optical media, it's the media itself that is often the problem.

I would never entrust a backup to a CD, never, ever to a DVD, never, never to a CDR and never, never, never, ever to a DVDR - if you see what I mean.

Mission critical? Invest in an external hard drive.

  JoeC 22:17 03 May 2006

DriveImage XML from

click here

It's free and worth a try.

  ade.h 22:37 03 May 2006

Can't afford one.

Norton Ghost would be at the top end of my budget right now. Maybe in the future, but out of the question for at this time.

  ade.h 22:39 03 May 2006

Thanks for the suggestion, but I want to avoid free stuff in this particular case in favour of the top two or three products in this field. This use is just a bit too important to use what would be, to me, an unknown quantity.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:43 03 May 2006

Get a second internal disk - about £30 or so will get you one that will be big enough to back up your main oOS partition.

  ade.h 23:02 03 May 2006

It's laptop, though (as I mentioned initially) so I'd have to add a caddy to the total spend and suddenly I'm facing £80 or more.

My other option - if it is possible - is to backup the image to one of my other PCs on their RAID arrays and then burn it to DVD only when it's needed.

Can the images be saved across a network, or would I have to transfer it myself?

  JYPX 23:12 03 May 2006

True Image 8, works perfectly but important to have the latest build - you should be able to update the software on the website.
True Image 9 - Just like 8, some problems reported with early versions. I read an article recently which reported that error messages indicating a problem with the image created were, in fact, themselves errors. The image was actually ok. Version 9.0.2337 (onwards) appears to be fine. I have trialed this version and it works perfectly. Some aspects of TI 9 are rather silly, for example the ability to use your C drive during, yes during the restore sequence (I kid you not). Nobody is in that much of a hurry.
TI 8 sounds like a bargain at the price you quoted.

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