Norton Ghost 2004 V Acronis True Image 8

  freaky 18:44 03 Jan 2005

Would be interested to hear from Forum members of the relative merits of these two products.

The Acronis software is a lot cheaper than Ghost, but is it as comprehensive?

Would also be interested to hear what Acronis are like to deal with in the event of problems i.e can you email them?

I specifically mention the above point because I have a problem with Ghost 2003, and can find no way to make contact with them 9 (apart from phoning the USA!) No way to email them.

  24bitkid 19:00 03 Jan 2005

I tried both. Ghost 9.0 completely corrupted my Windows XP machine - sent it back and got my money refunded.

I have had no problems with True Image 8.0. Downloaded it over the Net and it runs without any problems. Can back up my SATA C: drive to another hard disk (D:) in around 2 minutes. Restoring my image takes 3 or 4 minutes.

  freaky 19:18 03 Jan 2005

Thanks 24bitkid, that information is interesting.

I would want to Clone my hard drive to an external USB2 Maxtor One Touch to act as a backup.

I know Ghost will do this as I have done it, but have found it takes ages. Can Acronis Clone to an external USB drive?

Also, have you had any experience of contacting their support department in the event of any query or patches?

  24bitkid 22:36 03 Jan 2005

Sorry, no experience of contacting True Image support as the product runs perfectly.

Symantec on the other hand was awful.

  24bitkid 22:38 03 Jan 2005

Oops didn't answer your question. Yes, I can use True Image to backup to an external USB drive with no problems - and it is still pretty quick.

  Taran 23:44 03 Jan 2005

If your external drive or the port it is plugged into is USB 1 it doesn't matter which imaging application you use, it will still take ages.

USB 1 has a minute fraction of the avilable bandwidth of USB 2, and if your device is an older USB1 external drive, or if it is USB 2 but is plugged into a USB1 port, it operates as USB 1 (slow beyond belief), so changing your backu program wn't make a blind bit of difference.

You could also find that driver support for your device or its interface is the problem.

Finally, in brief, I prefer Ghost by miles. If you want some reasons I'll post them but since you asked for opinion I prefer it to True Image by a long way.


  Bebee 07:13 04 Jan 2005

I had real problems with Ghost recognising a Maxtor USB external drive, particularly when it came to restoring an image. I moved to Acronis and it works well.

  stylehurst 14:11 04 Jan 2005

I have used Acronis to back up to a USB drive for over a year without any problems. Have also had to resort to restoring from the back up, again without problems.
Swapped to Acronis from Ghost.
One tip which I find worthwhile, always check an image for integrity. It only takes a ccouple of minutes and has saved me a problem on one occasion.
Have previously used Ghost but found it slow by comparison with Acronis.

  freaky 15:32 05 Jan 2005

Many thanks to all that have responded to this topic.

I have now ordered Acronis True Image 8.

  mbp 17:22 05 Jan 2005

Good Move! You won't have regrets.

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