Norton firewall or is ZA just as good?

  square eyes 19:34 02 Oct 2003

I suggested to my Mother she goes buy a Norton anti-virus as it is better than freebies.
BUT, she has gone and bought the anti-virus plus firewall which is £50 instead of the antivirus alone which is £30. I used to live with my Mum up until a few weeks ago and i installed ZA on her system as its alot easier to use than others.

Does the same apply with firewalls? or is ZA just as good in protecting the system? I think this because the firewalls dont need updating like antivirus?

I've told her not to open cd and wait.

My hunch would be, change it for the antivirus on its own, as the extra £20 for the firewall wont be of benefit?

I think i have explained myself ok
Comments much appreaciated

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:51 02 Oct 2003

click here for a free firewall )outpost) that is excellent. You have no chance of getting hacked on a home computer which is why I do not use a firewall.

click here for AVG free anti-virus. Superb, non-intrusive and used by myself and many members here. Both will cost you zilch and will protect you more than you will ever need.


  christmascracker 20:37 02 Oct 2003

I bought Norton Internet Security on friday - took it back yesterday and changed it for NAV.

I've been using NAV for a year now and I am very pleased with it.

Their firewall is a bit of a pain however, hence me taking it back, it slowed my pc down quite a bit and the internet too.

I have installed ZA along with NAV 2004 and everything is running fine.

So I would go along with you hunch and change it for NAV


  square eyes 20:54 02 Oct 2003

Thanks all, i have had a good experience with N AV and so too with free ZA and they run nicely together. I understand there are free av products out there but have heard the Norton find the deffinitions quicker thus reducing the chances of your pc becoming infected. My Mother isn't pc knowledgable which is why i was concerned about her trying to insatll and configure the firewall.

i will go for what has been best for me

Thanks Gandalph, but being away from her it will be easier to explain things i have 1st hand knowledge of. :)

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