Norton AntiSpam - Worse than a Waste of Money?

  Cactus 16:18 20 Dec 2003

Am I just unlucky or has anyone else found Norton AntiSpam to be a totally dreadful bit of software? I have a great deal of time for most things Norton, but all AntiSpam does is crash Outlook Express everytime I try to close it down. It also doesn't automatically put what it identifies as spam into its own special folder as it should do and when I try and teach it that something is spam, you've probably guessed it, it crashes Outlook Express. Ever since the product came out, there has been a half-hearted statement on the Symantic website that says it is aware there's a problem but there's no solution; oh, and the workaround it suggests there doesn't work. I use Windows 98 and Outlook Express 6, so I'm hardly running anything too exotic and I keep them both up to date with Microsoft's numerous patches etc. I use Eudora at work and AntiSpam doesn't work with that either. Has anyone actually got it to work properly?

  Jester2K II 16:45 20 Dec 2003

I don't see the point in ANY "Anti Spam" software that requires you to downoad the Spam only for it to be filtered to a Spam bin. Esp for 56k'ers....

I've not used Norton Anti Spam and i'm sure from the product description i would be more likely to take up sky diving without a parachute than install any so-called "Anti-Spam" software.

I use Mail Checkers like Mailwasher to delete Spam from the mail server first. Then i only download the mail i want. There is also PopCorn click here

  Cactus 17:13 20 Dec 2003

I used to use the McAfee antispam software which did exactly that. However, it was very fussy and used to freeze, crash, fail to download updates and generally not work very well. I changed over to Norton just because most of its other software works fine for me. Perhaps they ought to put a picture of that nice Peter Norton on the box? I wonder if I can get my mnoey back from PC World?

  wheelie 00:04 23 Dec 2003

click here for a very good piece of anti-spam software which actually does what it says on the! :)

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