Norton IS 2007 Auto Live Update *Not Working*

  StephShadow 15:19 25 Jun 2007

Well my automatic Live Update isn't working! If yours is, maybe you can tell me how to fix this. I'm running home XP. Any advice most welcome.

Symantec haven't helped me solve this yet. I’ve been in email communication with them and hope to hear from them again.

To keep virus definitions up-to-date, I’m running Live Update manually. It’s telling me (incorrectly) that it’s all up-to-date. Then I go to the Symantec website and manually download the 16mb Intelligent Updater, which includes the latest virus definitions (which are more recent than my IS has). And I’m still running Live Update on automatic in the background. *sigh*

Intelligent Updater here if you need it: click here or here if you want a manual download: click here

Anyone else got this problem? I’m running a spotless machine, have Windows Update up-to-date and am just …. tired now…

  sunny staines 17:55 25 Jun 2007

yes i have just had all this, do you also have any other norton products as there is a conflict between norton save and restore build 1 and norton internet security 2007 ver3.

no amount of uninstalling using NRT,clean boot, deleting left over symantecfiles, reinstalling programs, including deleting and reinstall of liveupdte in safemode will solve the problem. intelligent updater will update antvirus defs ok, and installing updates one at time will be ok till you get to firewall updates and norton protection centre updates these will fail.

nortons soluotion norton save restore build 1 has been corrected by build2 but you have to buy build 2 even if you have only had build 1 for only a week.
even had senior techs tacking control of my pc and saying various anti spy and google programs were the cause then macafee site advisor after all deleted surprise still had the problem.

complaint to norton waiting outcome not to hopeful.

  StephShadow 18:43 25 Jun 2007

Hello Sunny Staines, thanks for reply. No, I don't have any other Norton products running, nor any other types of security software running. I run Ewido maybe once a month direct from their website.

Other than Microsoft products, I don't have much software other than Norton IS. I'm not a big downloader of web software (or anything else) and am really surprised that this problem is continuing.

Is there anyone reading this running Norton IS 2007 and *not* getting this problem?

  sunny staines 19:43 25 Jun 2007

people running norton are rare these days. have you tried support live chat a free option from their web?
Do a clean boot eg goto run enter mscnfig - ok goto services tab tick selective startup - goto services tab tick hide microsoft services - then de tick all the items listed - ok restart computer

then follow

delete nis2007 using the norton removal tool to clear NIS, then goto my computer - tools -folder options-view tab -tick shown hidden files and untick -apply - ok. after that goto start - search opt to search all files and folders, in adv option tick sub folders serch for symantec then delete all it finds do the same again for norton.

goto click here and download latest build of NIS2007 VER3 you can use your cd key and your subscription is carried over from NIS2007 ver1.
after install reverse instructions for clean boot and view files in my computer.

  sunny staines 19:44 25 Jun 2007

goto services tab after selecting selective start up

  sunny staines 19:45 25 Jun 2007

another option goto to norton web and run norton fixit tool, might work.

  sunny staines 20:00 25 Jun 2007

are you one of these victims of a bad update click here

  StephShadow 16:15 02 Jul 2007

An update. Tried all the fix it options (via Tech Support and Symantec website) and they didn’t work. I decided to re-install NIS (from CD) following the Symantec website instructions. I had to search to find the latest download for the Live Update program - v3.2.0.53

After re-installing and running Live Update, the product seems to working fine now. Hard work though.

Thanks Sunny Staines for advice.

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