Norman Virus Control Plus 5.81 any good?

  [DELETED] 22:47 19 Jan 2006

Any ideas?

Can i run this and AVG together??

  spuds 22:53 19 Jan 2006

Best to stick with one, two may cause confliction problems.

  rawprawn 10:45 22 Jan 2006

If you are looking for an exellent install it and forget it I am testing F Secure at the moment and I am very impressed. It has all capabilities needed and you would only need to use this one program, also it auto updates every hour (As spuds says anyway you should not run 2 AV's at the same time)If you are a Barclays customer you can get 30% off the here for the home page

  [DELETED] 12:17 22 Jan 2006

You can run more than one AV as long as only one AV is set to scan in the background, & the second AV is just passive.

  [DELETED] 20:48 22 Jan 2006

I am looking for an AV program that includes a Firewall - and am a Barclays customer !

I have tried the free AV supplied by NTL called Netguard - had to uninstall as it slowed down the 'saves' when playing games.

At the moment am using AVG, and have the Kerio Firewall on 30 days free trial. No problems on slowing 'saves' with AVG.

If you are a gamer, has F Secure caused any problems ?

Many thanks - freaky

  phil46 21:19 22 Jan 2006

AVG+Firewall.had a problem getting it activated
why i don't know but AVG sorted the problem computer even starts faster,not cheap though after VAT and postage.

  [DELETED] 22:19 22 Jan 2006

The Kerio firewall is very good, at the end of your trial the firewall reverts to basic functions but is probably as good as you will need.

  rawprawn 08:06 23 Jan 2006

Sorry I don't play games, but F Secure hasn't caused any problems during normal use.

  rawprawn 08:10 23 Jan 2006

The way forward for you is to download the free 30 day trial. If it works OK, if not uninstall it (Tip. and then run a registry cleaner)

  Forum Editor 08:41 23 Jan 2006

to run more than one anti-virus application, and in any case, there's no good reason for doing so.

  rawprawn 08:47 23 Jan 2006

Just one small downside I have found is that the computer is a bit slower to load. I think this is caused by the number of applications it loads, and the fact that it updates as soon as there is a connection.

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