Non returnable book - no refund

  Tubster 15:21 26 May 2005

Hi all, this ones got my goat.

I bought a book from amazon the other day namely the 'Pickwick papers', for the grand total of £3.65, however after rummaging through my old stuff I found an old copy I forgot I had, so I sent the company an email asking them to cancel the order and credit my account with the cost, the company that sold me the book replied a day later with this email;


Thank you for your email.

I have checked on the order status area on the website and can in fact see that the book was dispatched to you yesterday. We a book is in stock it is very difficult to cancel the order as we try where possible to dispatch order either the same day or the next. Unfortunately your order had already been dispatched to you before we received your email.

Unfortunately this book is also advertised as non-returnable which means that you would not be able to return it to us.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you."

I'm not entirley sure where i stand on this and I know it's a measly amount, the book is new and I thought like any other shop I could take it back with receipt and get a full refund, is this not the case??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:03 26 May 2005

You will have to pay return postage and it would not really be worth the hassle for £3.65. personally it is not something that I would waste any of my alloted time on Earth over. Give your old copy away.


  Magik ®© 16:16 26 May 2005

give it to someone as a fact christmas will be here soon, problem sorted..

  Total Care Support 16:18 26 May 2005

hi Tubster

Gandalf has a point, you may find for the time and effort envolved that you might find it easier to give the book away or even sell it on amazon!

From you saying the company I am assuming that the book was from an agent and not amazon direct?

if it was from amazon their own terms and conditions of sale allow cancellation.

"Cancelling an Order

If you've accidentally placed an order or just changed your mind, don't worry.

If it's listed as "Items Dispatching Soon" or "Items Dispatched", you'll need to wait until the order is delivered to you before you can cancel the order. Read the Your Statutory Rights help page to find out more. "

see click here and click here and click here for more information.


  Tubster 16:27 26 May 2005

I thought as much, I had no intention of going through the hassle of trying to get my money back, as G said it's a bit of a waste of time. I just wanted to know whether that email was full of the usual bull and that the law says different?

  Tubster 16:29 26 May 2005

Lets say it's a £365 book, how much water would their email hold then?

  Forum Editor 20:51 26 May 2005

My advice is the same as the others' - forget about it, and move on.

  Tubster 20:55 26 May 2005

No it isn't, but I see I'll have to find my answer elsewhere.

  spuds 21:52 26 May 2005

If you want to find your legal rights under the Consumer Protection [Distance Selling] Regulations 2000, then look no further than this click here

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