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  tbh72 17:42 26 Feb 2004

I have had a problem with my car, which required the replacement of the glow plugs.

This has been done along with a service, I was expecting my vehicle back yesturday and received a call this morning informing me that a component "diesel primer pump" had been broken during the service. This has rendered the car undrivable & the mechanic has refused to cover the One Hundred & Sixty Three Pound charge for the replacment part?

I would really appreciate your advice regarding this matter as I need my car, but cannot afford this additional charge for the part damaged by the garage.

FE - Please leave this just long enough for me to get a little feedback, this really is a quite serious matter for me.

Thanks in advance.

  oresome 18:27 26 Feb 2004

You'll need to establish if the part has been damaged through negligence on the part of the mechanic, or was on it's last legs and broke when moved as a necessary part of the servicing. Someone like an AA inspector would be an ideal expert to arbitrate. Presumably the garage gave you a reason why they won't pay?

  mikef. 18:35 26 Feb 2004

If it was broken during the service as you say, then the garage should be liable, as they heve not taken due care and attention during the service.

  tbh72 18:36 26 Feb 2004

The part is constructed from Aluminium and I have been told it was damaged due to overtightening. The part holds the fuel filter, which was replaced as part of the service.

During the day, the mechanic has been trying to source a second hand part but was only able to find a Renault unit which is different from the Volvo part required. This is obviously not appropriate in anycase as it would lead to complications during future services.

And thank-you for your response Oresome, it is appreciated.

  tbh72 18:56 26 Feb 2004

Thank-you mikef. I am happy that the mechanic / garage is liable. But my concerns were raised in thier refusal to cover the cost of the replacement part. This whole situation is leaving me quite worried, I am begining to think that I have made a serious error in judgement in choosing this new mechanic / garage.

  Sir Radfordin 19:09 26 Feb 2004

Go and speak to trading standards and ask for their advice. This does however sound as if the mechanic working on your car has made a mistake, broken something, and he is the one that should pay.

Is it just some independent guy or part of a dealership?

  tbh72 19:18 26 Feb 2004

He's independant Sir Radfordin, I have very limited knowledge about him as he was called out due to a breakdown (The glowplugs) and I used him because the speed with which he said he could carry out the repair. It was agreed that he would also carryout a service and the car should have been returned yesturday.

  spuds 19:56 26 Feb 2004

This is a definate case for a consultation with the trading standards.A number of factors come into this- Was it his negligence, if so why is he refusing to replace the part at his expense. Why is he trying to source from second-hand supplies. Is it possible that he is a one man business with cash flow problems.All sorts of alarm bells are ringing here, so as previously stated, seek advice from the trading standards urgently.

  tbh72 20:04 26 Feb 2004

Spuds, I am concerned by this situation and as has been pointed out it's important I do the right thing. My priority has to be my car, I must get my car back tomorrow in working order. Hense the fact I am treading with caution.

Thanks for all of your responses, I have a clearer understanding of my right's with this issue & will now tick it as resolved. I will update the thread as the situation resolves itself if it is left.

Thank-you all


PS - I so much prefer to deal with computer problems, much less distressing!!!!

  Sir Radfordin 23:29 26 Feb 2004

I hope you get it sorted. Garages are a nightmare to deal with sometimes!

I spend my time fixing computers in a garage...its a complicated world!

  tbh72 23:37 26 Feb 2004

I was just thinking about this thread, whilst viewing a helproom thread about "Live Web Cams". I have a security camera which has remote access that I have not tested yet. Then I had to reconsider because I have another of his customers cars parked in my drive at the moment. It's ok, I have tucked it in for another night!!!!

I have added my local Trading Standards website to my favourites and I will be speaking with them tomorrow. I would however prefer for him to rectify the car ASAP (tomorrow) as I know it will be off the road all weekend otherwise.

I will keep you all upto speed with this problem.

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