Non delivery of printer from Dabs/Parcelforce

  Kong 16:08 03 Nov 2003

I ordered my printer from Dabs for my work on 17th October and received an email to state that goods have been dispatched the same day. Got back from holidays on 27th and still no delivery. Rang up Parcelforce who can't locate item and told me to contact Dabs directly to get a replacement.
Only way one can contact Dabs is via email and told them the story. Got a standard reply 24 hours later telling me to contact Parcelforce. Had to write again to Dabs to ask them to read my email and not send standardised reply. Eventually got a reply back that they would look into it on 31st October.
Desperately need a printer, also noticed that Visa has already billed me for printer. Now 2 weeks after I first ordered, I still have no printer. Wonder how long should I wait before Dabs investigate my missing printer and send me another?
I have sent them another email today but as usual this will not be replied for another 24 hours at least.

  johnnyrocker 16:25 03 Nov 2003

get your card company to recall the money and go elsewhere mate.


  SEASHANTY 16:40 03 Nov 2003

Not a good idea to order something which is being delivered by Parcel Force and then go on Holiday. No wonder it is lost. Parcel Force have left packages in delivery address bins which have then been emptied. Goods lost. They aren't supposed to do this but it happens on occasions. Perhaps they left it with a neighbour who has also gone off on holiday.

  TMAn266 17:20 03 Nov 2003

i ordered a speaker system from dabs, it took 15 days to arrive!!! and when it did, it was the wrong product, they have the cheek to make me pay the delivery back to dabs and then tell me the product had been used by me and can no longer be changed or refunded, the product itself is no way similar to the one i want its worth half the value!!!! and i havent even heard of the make commodore. has any one had any previous expirience with dabs and what the service is like ?

  Patr100 17:51 03 Nov 2003

The recent post strike - just going back today - will not have helped the situation.

  Smiler 19:22 03 Nov 2003

I have bought many items from DABS, PC Case hard discs, pci cards (firewire, sound, tv) & a scanner to name a few. All have been delivered within two days by parcel force. I think TMAn266 's experience is a one off and that as has been said to order an item then go on holiday before delivery of the item is asking for trouble. But as johnnyrocker says get in touch with your credit card company and get them to sort it out. They are jointly liable.

  Smiler 19:26 03 Nov 2003

Just had a thought.When Dabs confirmed your order dispatch wasn't there a tracking number on the confirmation. If so go on the parcelforce website and put the number in. This should tell you when the item was delivered. If it was while you were away a card should have been put through your letterbox for you to collect from the depot.

  Smiler 19:38 03 Nov 2003

Have a look at the entry by bremner in reply to Siliconman (Johnathan Wall plc) on this page click here

It relates to non delivery and dabs policy.

  bremner 19:44 03 Nov 2003

My posting in that other thread relates to Royal mail letterpost not Parcel Force.

  Smiler 20:08 03 Nov 2003

You're right but maybe kong could click on the envelope beside siliconman's posting and contact him about his problem.

  spuds 20:22 03 Nov 2003

siliconman's direct contact [email protected] He is the marketing director for Dabs.

If the goods have been lost. Then it could be a long delay,via a Parcel Force/ Dabs insurance claim.Report the problem to your credit card company, if things begin to go pear-shaped.

Would also suggest that it is not a good idea, to order goods, and expect double speed prompt delivery, before taking a vacation.Can lead to all sorts of problems.

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