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  livegod 13:22 14 Nov 2005

Hello all,

I have just had a NIGHTMARE with Nomatica. Actually I am still in the middle of it.

It is impossible to phone them, I have numbers in the UK (which say the number is temporarily out of order, and numbers in France which never get answered.

I have sent dozens of emails and have had no response.

The story:

I bought a digital camera which had 6 bad pixels. I sent it back to Nomatica. They emailed to say it would take up to 6 weeks. I was expecting a straight and immediate swap for a brand new camera!

Now, today, over 6 weeks later, my camera comes back and NOTHING HAS BEEN FIXED!!! I have been trying to email, phone, and have had no success. I just wish I knew where else I could publish this story, I am horrified that such a company can be in business.

STAY AWAY from Nomatica. The products may be the same, and the prices good, but the service is the worst I have ever come across.

Go elsewhere! Anywhere else!
Mark Palmos

  spuds 16:56 14 Nov 2005

Take the matter up with your credit card company, if that is the way you made the purchase.

  Forum Editor 18:41 14 Nov 2005

It's not a good idea to warn people to stay away from a company, simply because you've had a single bad experience. We're not keen on that kind of warning, and in fact such a thread would normally be deleted. In your case I'm going to make an exception, because I can see from my server log that you only registered with us today. Welcome to our forum, and let's hope we can help you to sort this out.

In the first instance it might have been better to reject the camera, to see what reaction you got from the supplier. This question of dodgy pixels is a contentious one, and where TFT screens are concerned there's an industry-wide agreement that a certain number of erratic pixels is deemed acceptable, although of late the manufacturing techniques have improved, and we're seeing fewer reports of pixel problems.

I haven't seen the camera situation put to the test, but you might still want to try. In the UK your contract is with the supplier - you are not expected to deal directly with the manufacturer, and if a fault develops in a product within six months of the date of purchase the law assumes that the fault was present at the time of purchase, and the supplier must either supply a new item, or repair it. In the case of a camera, it's very unlikely that a supplier would be capable of making such repairs, so the manufacturer would become involved. The law states that any repair must be carried out within a 'reasonable' time-frame, although there's no definition of that is reasonable.

The fact that you supplier is based in France doesn't help. Where did you return the camera - was it to a UK address, or to France?

Your real problem however, is the total lack of response you've experienced, and the fact that

  livegod 00:44 15 Nov 2005

Hello there,

Yeah, sorry for the rant. I see also that the manual they sent me is in German, and there is no AV cable included.

I sent it to France and I think Ricoh Germany sent it back. I think it should have been an immediate exchange, not a repair.

I guess I have been spoiled by living in the USA for 8 years. Over there, a company like Nomatica would be out of business in no time... people do not put up with poor service there, and thats why service there is in a different league from here, or anyhwhere in Europe, I imagine.

I will sent them an email a day. The squeaky wheel gets the oil!


  spuds 10:28 15 Nov 2005

As you rightly suggest, customer service can be an hit and miss affair, with some countries making life more easier for the consumer.Was it not the USA who brought out the 'Lemon Law'. When the UK joined the Common Market [all those years ago],most people were lead to believe that we would have joint advantages, legal and otherwise. Things like joint consumer protection seems to be one of those subject not yet catered for, and some European business's are able to take advantage of this.

  anchor 12:00 15 Nov 2005

This is the problem when dealing with companies not based in the UK. There have been other threads about difficulties with another French supplier.

Try contacting Ricoh in the UK to see if they can help.

Technical Support telephone 0207 365 6580

If not, then your credit card company should be the next port of call.

  Stuartli 14:04 15 Nov 2005

Nomatica is based in the south of France.

I had a similar problem with them which was well documented in these forums.

In the end Visa immediately refunded my payment for a camcorder of more tha £750 and the £53 carriage charge back to the south of France, which Nomatica refused to pay because it wanted me to use the Post Office rather than its TNT carrier.

The battle over this problem took more than six weeks up of my time and and lot of phone calls and e-mails with little help from the company or its UK representatives.

  Forum Editor 14:48 15 Nov 2005

from here, or anywhere in Europe, I imagine."

Not sure I would endorse that statement 100%. As someone who often travels to work in America, and also to many European countries, I can say that I have received both the best and the worst service in America, and Europe is about the same. This isn't thread about relative customer service levels however, and we aren't going to turn it into one. The important thing is that you get the camera that you wanted, and in full working condition. A direct approach to the manufacturer may well bear fruit - it's certainly worth a try.

  ginogini 13:14 15 Dec 2005

I would like to receive some advices...
I bought a camera from Nomatica. After months waiting for the product, I deleted my order and I bought the camera in a normal shop. Nomatica should have refunded me. However now they have financial problems, so they said they will give me back my 720 euro only when they will meet a new partner that can refinance the firm. Now there is the French state that is leading on the business. They are continuing to sell their product in all Europe and the States. This is fool because people like me buy products and the possibility to be refunded that is in the contract is a lie.
How can I try to get back my money?
Is there someone that have experienced something like this?

  Stuartli 13:33 15 Dec 2005

Get onto your credit card company (providing you paid by this method) and inform them of the details asap.

  Stuartli 13:35 15 Dec 2005

Found this(!):

click here

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