Noisy Evesham - brand new, only a few hours old

  User-731D3F8D-D8EB-4CD3-BAC35C722C57B032 20:42 21 May 2004

I posted this thread by mistake in the Helproom Forum - can anyone help?

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  DAG88 21:31 21 May 2004

if the engineer does not change anything then i would recommend you just replace the fan yourself. Average cost is about £10 for 1 and there fairly easy to change. It would save a lot of hassle for you as getting a refund can be arkward as the company is less interested in customer satisfaction...

  Steven135 21:41 21 May 2004

I have had initial problems with two Evesham PC's one of which was a noisy case fan once sorted they have both been very good machines I'll buy my next one from them.

Bit concerned that their customer support seems to be going through a bad patch at the moment but at least they do honour their onsite warranties unlike some other firms.

Which fan is causing problems?

  mbp 21:57 21 May 2004

It depends upon what sort of noise you are referring to. A Whirring noise? All fans do this to a degree, depending on what speend it is spinning. I believe it is possible to adjust the speed in some machines.

Is it a bearing noise? I suspect that today most use nylon bearings and so should not have make noises. Is your hearing exceptionally acute and you are in a very quiet room,late at night, and not where the kids are rowing?

Have a good look inslde, maybe everything is quite normal for this type of fan but you are particularly critical as it is still new and under warranty?Do the specs have any data about the fan speeds?

  Djohn 23:35 21 May 2004

You will notice a big difference in noise when comparing a new powerful machine with one 6-7 years old, some at that age didn't even have a fan on the CPU as it never reached a temperature to require one.

If it is as you say in your other thread, "A whooshing noise" then this will most likely be the movement of air, not noticeable in a busy office or shop but very noticeable in the quiet of your home.

Evesham construct good quality machines using good quality branded parts where they are needed. Hard drives/graphic cards/optical drives/motherboards, etc. They will however need to work to a fixed cost and tend [As other suppliers do] to use fans that are of good construction, well up to the job of cooling the parts they are attached to but usually these fans are fast and a little on the noisy side when moving air through your system.

It does sound from your description that all is in order but not as quiet as you would like, I agree because my system is in the lounge and ultra quiet. The loudest part of my system is the clicking of the keyboard as I type and even that is a soft touch quiet model.

If the engineer feels that the fan is normal for it's type, ask his advice on quiet ones. These can be bought for the CPU/graphic card, and case fans for intake/exhaust of air. The better ones will have larger blades that turn slower and make a lot less noise also many can be adjusted to increase in speed when it's called for.

They start at a few pounds only and even very good ones can be bought for under £20.00. The difference in noise reduction is well worth the extra expense.

See what the engineer has to say and post back for help/advice if you decide to fit a quiet fan yourself. there are many people here who will talk you through the fitting and advise on the best fan/s for your use.

If your PC is working well and it's only this noise thats causing concern then please don't worry about needing to send the PC back or rejecting it. The noise level of a fan can with a little extra expense be brought down to a level that will not be noticed. Relax enjoy your new PC and have a good weekend testing it out. j.

The 'Zalman FanMate Speed Controller' available from Kustom PCs is a simple to solution for altering fan speed and lessening noise. It plugs in where the CPU fan plugs in to the motherboard, you then plug the CPU fan into the device.

You could order one or two and have the engineer fit these if you're not comfortable with the procedure. It is important however to monitor the CPU temperature at the appropriate fan speed, if you lower it, then check temperatures are tolerable - you can do this on start up of your PC by hitting the 'DEL' key and entering the Computer's BIOS - there's usually a section on hardware monitoring.

They cost £9.00 and can be bought from click here. However, an alternative is to just fit a quieter, slower spinning fan but the Zalman product gives a greater degree of control and variation for changing ambient room temps/different CPU loads (if gaming etc turn the fan up, if on the internet, turn it down).

  Djohn 01:29 22 May 2004

Good suggestion there Spook Tooth. How are you keeping? not seen you in the forum for some time now, hope all is well. j.

Hi Djohn!

I'm okay thanks. Busy over at www these days. How are you? I see that you're up late (like me) - hope sleep isn't escaping you, know what it's like suffering with insomnia. Take care - nice to see you. (Great tips by the way).

  carver 10:04 22 May 2004

Fans should not be noisy, a decent fan will not be above 35 decibels if it's doing it's job correctly, if the engineer says they are alright ask him to check the noise levels with another fan. If you are still not happy you can always check out the fans at this site, click here I've fitted some of these and the loudest thing on my P/C is now the hard drive.

  party-time 09:42 24 May 2004

>> Fans should not be noisy, a decent fan will not be above 35 decibels

I would say 25 dba is max. You can also control the sound with a foam lining: click here or go for a completely fanless PC: click here

Thanks all for the quick responses especially as it was the weekend.

Djohn - Thanks for the long post. I'm very happy with the machine so wouldn't wish to part with it. The noise factor is an issue and will get the engineer to sort it out and if not, then will do what you suggested and get him to put in fans of my own choice. I would love it if all I could hear is the tapping on the keyboard but will settle for anything that is less noisy than it currently is.

Steven135 - I'm not an expert but I can hear noise coming from the front and back. I've been told by Tech Support that there potentially can be up to 5 fans in my tower case.

Carver/party-time - what does 25 or 35 decibels sound like? Difficult question I know.

Can anyone suggest any other fans or any to definitely avoid?

Many thanks

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