noisy athlon 64

  janze 21:29 11 Oct 2004

just taken delivery an Evesham axis mkr 64,(athlon 3200xp, radeon 9600,200gb hard drive with 512 of memory) It is extremely noisy, like sitting next to a washing machine on full spin! Is this normal for an athlon? My old pc is a much quieter, 3 year old pentium 4

  Newuser2 21:18 12 Oct 2004

If its that noisy I'd give mesh a call.
I built a PC using an AMD 3400 64bit cpu, 9800 sapphire alantis card and 1gb of ram on a ASUS mbo plus lots more and its as quiet as a mouse.
The case has got an extra fan on the top as well.

  Rigga 21:38 12 Oct 2004


Manufacturers standard fit fans can sometimes be very noisy. My own Athlon 64 3200+ machine was extremely noisy when I took delivery.

Can you open the side case of your computer while it is switched on and verify that the noise is comming from the CPU fan, or maybe another fan inside your case!

If CPU fan, I brought a Zalman Flower cooler from > click here < and it works like a charm, fairly easy to fit, if you're confident inside your machine. It's now down to a whisper, and the cpu runs cooler than before!!!

I just wish that many manufacturers would at least give an option of a quieter pc, I would have paid more when I brought the machine to know it was going to be very quiet.


  Rigga 21:42 12 Oct 2004


the above should have read, "I brought a Zalman CNPS7000B-ALCU Super Flower Cooler". Just noticed it's very different from the normal flower cooler.


  janze 15:11 13 Oct 2004

Evesham promptly sent engineer to replace "power supply" fan, but I still find this quite noisy. Any more suggestions?

  Rigga 15:24 13 Oct 2004


You need to find out exactly where the noise is coming from.

As the Evesham engineer has already replaced the PSU fan, then I would suggest listening inside your machine and try to decide where the noise is coming from.

It is quite safe to remove the side panel, and then switch the computer on, as long as you don't go poking around inside the machine at the same time! Once the side panel is off and the computer is on it should be fairly easy to decide where the most noise is coming from!

It could be the case fan / fans, or it could be vibration inside the case, or maybe the graphics card fan! But I suspect that it is still the CPU fan that is causing most of the noise.

This is not an fault that needs fixing, merely some fans are a lot louder than others.

I doubt Evesham, or any other manufacturers would consider noise to be a fault. Especially as the engineer has already visited you and replaced the PSU fan, if they did not mention the CPU fan, then they consider the noise normal. Did you ask them if the amount of noise was normal??

The only solution available is to find where the excessive noise is coming from and either replace the fan yourself, or get someone else to do it for you.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

PC noise is one of the few areas that no-one seems to discuss much, and is rarely mentioned in PC reviews.


  janze 15:45 13 Oct 2004

the engineer didn't seem to think that the noise was due to the cpu fan and I don't think it's due to vibration.

  Rigga 16:53 13 Oct 2004

So after the engineer exchanged the psu fan, the noise was less? or much the same?

If much the same did you not tell the engineer that he had not solved the problem?

If much less, then the new psu fan is probably better than the old, but if you still say it's really noisy, then that only leaves the case fans, graphics card fan, and the CPU fan or vibration.

If you hold both sides of the case firmly does the noise get quieter? if so then the sides may be loose, which could cause noise.

Essentially, the only noise that will come from your computer will be from the fans. Hard Drives / CD/DVD Drives make very little noise and even then only when in use.

Again the only way to be sure where the noise is coming from is to listen inside your machine with the side off the case. Unless this invalidates your warranty, (in which case don't do it!) then there's not much more I can suggest until you know exactly where the noise is coming from.

You could try Evesham again, but as I said before there not many manufacturers that would accept noise as a fault.


  It's Me 16:54 13 Oct 2004

A slip of the finger presumably, otherwise where do Mesh come in?

My Mesh 64 sounds like a smooth slow running air conditioning unit in a room, not obtrusive, but certainly 'there'

  961 19:25 13 Oct 2004

If it is new and under warranty don't mess about with it

Poking around inside is not a good idea

They've sent an engineer and he has replaced a fan. If you are still not happy get back to them

You don't say if the system is quieter after the fan was replaced

  ianathon 20:38 13 Oct 2004

Perhaps putting the case on anti-vibration mounting mat or feet to reduce resonance!


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