Need4Speed 15:05 10 Dec 2005

I am thinkinbg of buying this online but what type of software is it ie anti-virus, firewall, pop up blocker, anti-spyware etc

Plus any1 use it at the mo and can give me any feedback thanks.

  PaulB2005 15:34 10 Dec 2005

Anti Virus but also covers some Spyware / Adware. I'll also be buying it once my current AV subscription runs out.

  pj123 17:21 10 Dec 2005

Why buy when you can get a perfectly good free one at click here

AVG anti virus is well supported on this Forum.

  ade.h 18:05 10 Dec 2005

Because NOD32 is the best AV available. It consistently achives higher scores in comparisons for crucial aspects such as response time, in-the-wild detection and scanning time.

  pj123 18:20 10 Dec 2005

ade.h, who says?

  gudgulf 18:43 10 Dec 2005

In my opinion the free ones are ok but not one of them comes near the performance of NOD32.Low resource useage and no noticable performance hit when gaming.Not particularly expensive either if you opt for a 3 year subscription (just under £16 per year).

Of the free ones I prefer AntiVir......but that needs updating manually.

Avast I find extremely resource hungry and the on access scanner can really slow down your pc.Needs shutting down if you want to do any gaming on your pc.

AVG caused me endless problems with the e-mail sheild.It did not take well to the fact I use fast user switching.

None of the free ones are bad at their job though and that's why they are so enthusiastically recommended on this forum.

I suggest you try them all and see.......there is also a 30 day free trial version of NOD32 so you can try that too before you decide.

  gudgulf 18:48 10 Dec 2005

look at click here and click here

  PaulB2005 18:56 10 Dec 2005

Not that my opinion is worth anything....

I had advocated AVG for years but i have been testing NOD32 on another PC. I have trialled many AV (Sophos, NAV, Kaspersky, Avast, AVG..) over the last few months and tested them with infected files pulled from customers machines. AVG has missed viruses and adware others found. No technical or structured tests - just testing to see what they pick up out of the collection.

I get called back to PCs in homes where AVG was installed to find viruses running on up to date machines.

Whilst AVG is good it is not a match for NOD32. Norton AV is better than AVG but is such a resource hog i can't recommened it. The ZoneAlarm AV i currently use isn't that brilliant either - it misses a few too and i'e had to use NOD32 to confirm dodgy files are dodgy.

Only NOD32 filled me with any confidence. I think the AVG is a good AV - but NOD32 is better.

  ade.h 19:35 10 Dec 2005

Read this thread for more views and useful links click here There are some very interesting (thorough and independent) labtests.

  DieSse 23:17 10 Dec 2005

I've used NOD for many years - it's always performed flawlessly.

I have often used it to check clients systems with other AV programs, and have lost count of the number of times it's found viruses where many others have missed them Norton, AVG, Trend, McAfee - to name a few. Best of all it CONSISTENTLY performs well in tests - which means I can have confidence in it.

I've always praised it highly and still do. It's fast, with absolutely minimal system overhead. It's extremely good at detecting viruses - it also has probably the best heuristics aroound to give protection against newm and new variants of viruses.

It updates frequently, several times a day at times - on BBand it's set to check every hour.

It's not free - but it's inexpensive - and what price the best protection. Evereything a good AV should be IMO.

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