Ancient Learner 14:52 04 Jun 2005

Before I finally plunge into buying this, I would like to be reasonably certain that I will be getting something that I, as a comparative novice, can cope with, without getting headaches and having to spend a fortune on asprin and brandy.

I've googled it and found a review which concluded by saying " Available on many platforms, including DOS, Linux, and NetWare, NOD32 offers blazing speed and rock-solid virus protection that make it best for experts but not an ideal choice for beginners."

I'm certainly no expert, so what do you reckon please.

Let me be clear, I am perfectly happy about paying. I am not one of those who believes it must be good if it is free!

  Ancient Learner 15:56 04 Jun 2005

Are you able to comment one way or the other?

  961 16:21 04 Jun 2005

I tried NOD 32 after good reports here

My thoughts, for what they are worth....

I used AVG for several years until it became difficult to get the updates because of pressure on the server

I then moved to Avast, which worked fine, until I was seduced by high test results by F-Secure. I downloaded that and eventually bought it. It worked well but was a bit system hoggy and had a bad relationship with Zone Alarm

So I went back to Avast until I tried NOD32 as a free trial

Candidly I found it difficult to configure and no faster than Avast. I was never quite sure what was going on

I'm back with Avast now. Easy, automatic updates (sometimes 3 a day) and no problems in the many months I have used it. And I can understand what's going on, even after a brandy!

  Ancient Learner 16:31 04 Jun 2005

Thank you, for that, very useful honest comment.

Could you provide a link to Avast please. Since I believe it is free, I'll give it a whirl for a bit.

  961 16:52 04 Jun 2005

click here

You can download the free programme and the latest virus definition files as 2 separate files onto your desktop

I'm sure you'll know to disable or remove your existing anti virus before unzipping and installing

  Ancient Learner 17:05 04 Jun 2005

Thank you. Yep, I'll get rid of NAV after I've disconnected from the Internet.

I see that Avast says that any updates will be immediately applied as soon as I rejion the Internet..

The Pro version looks good with its server driven updating system.

Anyway, I'm trying the 60 day trial! After my tea, and armed with coffee and Port!! With my luck, who knows what mysterious things I am about to discover. :)) I'll report here on the success or otherwise>

  DieSse 17:07 04 Jun 2005

I've used NOD32 for several years, and installed it into many client systems. The latest version is also certified against Adware, Spyware etc - as you will see from the site.

It's been MEASURED as at least twice as fast as the nearest competition, and up to 24x faster than some.

I cannot see for the life of me why it should be difficult to configure - in fact the default configuraions are absolutely fine, and I don't touch them anymore. the reason I install it (mainly for beginners) is because it is so easy to set up - I completely fail to recognise a statement about "for experts"

I've also installed AVG and Avast for clients who insisted on a free AV. AVG used to be a pain for updates, so I stopped some time ago - maybe the new version is better

Avast I found good as a virus scanner, but useless on slower, older systems, as it uses significant resource. More RAM helps! I actually found Avast worse to configure - as you do actually need to do some configuring. I also found that the way it sets up email scanning was an absolute pain in the fundament with some providers, notably with in Spain.

As far as updating is concerned, NOD is fast, transparent, and needs no user interaction unless the program itself is being changed. The default for BB is every hour.

I've no axe to grind either way really - anything is better than nothing - but NOD has always seemed to me to be the model to which others should strive, and therefore the one to be recommended.

  Ancient Learner 19:46 04 Jun 2005

Oh deary me today! Now where am I?

Flumuxed! that's me.

He who hesitates is lost and all that.

Ok, I'll get NOD32 and see how I get on with it.

I'll post back with the result.

  Ancient Learner 20:06 04 Jun 2005

Order now placed for NOD32. Awaiting Password and Username.

  DieSse 20:12 04 Jun 2005

I'm sure you'll be well pleased - in the very unlikely event you have any hassle, help is at hand :-))

  Ancient Learner 15:13 05 Jun 2005

Right. I've uninstalled NAV, and installed NOD32, which was pretty easy, although there were a few moments when trying to download the programme and the User name and password was a a bit picky to use, insisting on, to me, the curious 'Ctrl+C' to copy and 'Ctrl+V' to paste.

It appears to be working, and I've updated it OK. However I do notice that Zone Alarm thinks that I now don't have any Virus protection - is this what normally happens - it recognised NAV OK.

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