No XP SP2 until late 2004

  Barrie_G 19:24 19 Aug 2003

As above, and this article says it all click here

  powerless 19:42 19 Aug 2003

ah but... (hold up i'm looking for it)

  powerless 19:49 19 Aug 2003

click here

""""""THE RUMOUR IS that Microsoft has got into such a flap about the Blaster worm that it's readying a small service pack called SP1a for Windows XP, which might emerge within the next two weeks.
Except it can't be called SP1a as there is one of those already for the Java VM, so maybe it will be SP1X or something. "Tiny", as one of our readers points out, is relative in the case of "modern" operating systems from Microsoft.

According to those rumours, Microsoft wishes to downplay the massive MB accumulation of fixes and the like released during the last 10 months or so.

But some end users and channel players would like Microsoft to do something else, and supply them with a trade-in for their original XP install CDs. That would avoid similar problems happening if ? unlikely as it seems ? people have to re-install Windows XP from scratch or buy new accessories and the like.

Will Microsoft do this? It would be a logistics nightmare, we'd hazard to suggest... ยต""""""

  Barrie_G 19:58 19 Aug 2003

PCWorld would be busy though, They'd have to open 2 tills and have one just for xp x-changes.

XP = eXPerience I think we are just starting to find that out;-)

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