No win no how does it work ?..

  Lockbuster 21:53 16 Oct 2017

Stareted a holiday compansistion claim but been frightened of with all the bad press about going to jail if been found guilty. I realise my claim is a bit vain without much evidence however my solicitor has started cour proceedings and claims I will have to pay around 11 thousand pound back for work carried out I clearly don’t have any savings how do I stand

  john bunyan 22:27 16 Oct 2017

Have you a written offer of no win no fee from your solicitor? In the fine print , does it specify that you are liable if the claim is a false one? If, indeed, the claim is false, as was admitted in a recent false food poisoning claim against a travel company, then the claimant may be liable for his own costs AND those of the other side. Indeed a truly false claim could be found to be criminally fraudulent. Hopefully you have a good case, but clearly you need to talk to the solicitor.

  wee eddie 22:31 16 Oct 2017

On very shaky ground.

How much work do you think that have they done in preparation of your case? The figure sounds a tad high, so they are expecting you to query it and they will then be persuaded to reduce it to the figure they first thought of.

Ask for an itemised account. But wait for others to offer their thoughts first

  BRYNIT 00:00 17 Oct 2017

"I realise my claim is a bit vain without much evidence however my solicitor has started court proceedings" I would have thought, if you did not have enough evidence the solicitor should not have started court proceedings or has he/she.

  Forum Editor 13:14 17 Oct 2017

This all sounds rather odd.

Did you not discuss fees with your solicitor before embarking on this process?

Were you not advised about your chances of success before you agreed to go ahead?

You need to have a serious talk with this solicitor, to find out about the strength of your case. The solicitor is entitled to bill you for work done if you gave a clear instruction to proceed in the first place. If you feel that the amount demanded is excessive you can ask the Law Society to investigate.

  HondaMan 12:08 29 Oct 2017

If you are thinking "no win no fee" that is exactly right. If you lose the case you pay nothing. However, and it is a very big however, if you WIN you could pay up to 50% of your win, or possibly more in costs. If you withdraw having started the process you could, depending on circumstances be liable FOR ALL COSTS up to that date.

Think carefully.

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