spuds 12:01 14 Jun 2003

Unfair contracts are a legal minefield. The average person on the street, purchases an item, because they want that item at a fair price with speedy delivery.How many people can truly say that they read all the terms and conditions, before they tick the little box or state that they fully understand what they have suppose to have read. Not many I suspect.

The thing that annoys me the most, is when you purchase something, say via the net, then you print-out the purchase details, later receive a confirmation email to your purchase, but are then adviced that thing can and may change, until you have received an accectance email.

I deal with a well known internet company, and make a number of purchases a month from them.I have constantly complained to them, that I think that it is unfair, that their acceptance email is the same email that notifies you that the goods have now been despatched.In fact they have now even stopped sending this acceptance email, it would seem.

We only have to look at the problems, the Kodak Special Camera Offer raised, and how that was dealt with.

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