spuds 19:47 17 Sep 2003

How much time was left on the replacement warranty.What were the terms and conditions of the replacement warranty.Had the bank 'sold on' the previous Tiny warranty to Time.I know Time was advicing people to contact credit card companies and other financial institutes at one time.

The reason that I ask the above questions, is because I was involved in using the above Act.In my case, it was Tempo who went bust, leaving many people in a similar Tiny/Time situation.Initially the bank refused to except liability, but when it was plainly put to them, about their responsibility under the above Act. The computer was repaired via the loan bank, under the terms of the above act. They paid for everything. The Tempo warranty was then sold on to PC World and their 'ring-fenced' repair company. From a given date, when all the legal paperwork was completed, PCW took full control of all aspect of the warranty.And the bank was released from their obligations.

This can be a case of small print reading, and I would advice that you seek help from trading standards, or if you have a home insurance legal cover, then consult them.

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