powerless 23:46 14 Dec 2003

"My current choice is between an Evesham 2800+TR Wonder or the Evesham e-styleII 2.8? What are the fundamental differences between the two machines?"

Axis 2800+TR Wonder click here e-style II 2.8
click here

The Processors are equally matched, RAM is the same, the Axis 2800+TR Wonder has a larger hard drive [160GB] and it is SATA so on paper it is faster then the e-style II 2.8 HDD. The Axis 2800+TR Wonder graphics card is a better card than the e-style II 2.8. TFTs are the same. The e-style II 2.8 just has one optical drive where the other has two. You get more software with the e-style II 2.8. Well you do the rest...

But the obvious difference is that the Axis 2800+TR Wonder is not a cube.

If you after performance, the Axis 2800+TR Wonder is the one.

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