No sound from Amplifier When playing CDs

  ponytail 17:40 26 May 2014

We have a Yamaha HTR-5630RDS amp/receiver but now when we try to play a CD there is no volume.I know when my son came around he connected his MP3 player to it but not sure if he altered anything any help/advice appreciated

  wiz-king 18:14 26 May 2014

Ask him.

  wee eddie 18:15 26 May 2014

When he plugged in his MP3 Player, did he possibly, un-plug the CD Player and then forget to reconnect the CD Player?

  ponytail 21:03 26 May 2014

thanks for the replies as my son is out tonight have left him a message to contact me will post his reply here when I get it.

  wee eddie 23:23 26 May 2014

There will be a 'Mode/Channel' Selector, somewhere on the front. Maybe that is switched to another point

  mole1944 05:55 27 May 2014

Check connections, check input to amplifier is correctly set,finally try a know good cd

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