no reply from savastore

  tonesy11 11:49 26 Oct 2005

I recently ordered the carrera c4i pc reviewed in the latest pc advisor mag from savastore. it said on their website that there would be a 3-6 day wait for stock. I emailed them after a few days asking for an estimate for delivery but got no reply, I then started reading about the other problems people had and decided that i didnt want to do business with these people so I have canceled my order via their feedback. I have still received no reply or cancellation confirmation even tho it states that you will will recieve it in 48 hours. I have waited over a week and still nothing despite cancelling about a doxen times now. They have also charged my credit card and it states on their terms that this wouldnt be done untill the item is shipped and it still states on the order tracking feature that they are still waiting for stock for my order even tho i have made numerous requests to cancel. i regret dealing with this company and wish that i had visited this forum before i decided to buy.

  spuds 12:47 26 Oct 2005

If you paid by credit card, then take the matter up with your credit card company.

Peter Hills of Watford Electronics made a brief appearance within the forum, but very little as been heard of him since, and people are still making complaints, which seems to receive no answers.

  anchor 12:52 26 Oct 2005

I recommend following spuds advice, and contact your credit company without any further delay.

It is amazing to me that Savastore is prepared to face such adverse comments in this forum without any response. They surely must realise that members here represent a significant proportion of their prospective customers.

  tonesy11 12:58 26 Oct 2005

i checked my credit card account online and there is an amount which is slightly higher on my statement which is an outstanding authorisation. i emailed my cred card co and they replied saying that it will stay on my acount for between 7-10 days and then it will either be removed or paid. this is annoying because i plan to go to a shop and buy a pc over the counter but i dont want to risk going over my limit if savastore take their payment and they are still refusing to reply to me. I emailed peter hill and have recieved no reply from him either. I wanted the pc from savastore but when i got no reply to my original emails and read the comments on this forum i wanted nothing more to do with them especially when buying something like a pc which can be faulty. it had a 6 year warranty but they would probably take about 6 years to sort it out.

  anchor 13:43 26 Oct 2005

I suggest telephoning your credit card company and actually speak to them. Explain the situation, and tell them the order is cancelled, and hence no payment is to be made.

I would also write to Savastore by recorded delivery formally informing them that the order is cancelled.

  larkhouse 22:20 26 Oct 2005

Their telephone holding system suggests that e-mail is their preferred method of communication but their main preference is for no communication whatsoever! Like you I bought my Aries computer on the strength of PC Advisor's list some 3 months ago and do not yet have a working system.

  tonesy11 11:46 27 Oct 2005

I have just received an email from [email protected] exlaining to me that they are unable to supply the case for the pc and then offering me another one which is £20 more + vat which they would add to my credit card. She gave me the option of taking the case and paying the extra amount or waiting to see if they can supply the original case. they're a bunch of clowns.

  Stuartli 12:47 27 Oct 2005

Inform them that they must supply the higher priced case at that of the original one.

It is not your fault that it does not have the stock.

But, personally, I would cancel the order and, like me, avoid any dealings with the company after the experience I had with it a couple of years ago.

It didn't relate to a purchase but an intended one and I asked for specific information to be sent. It was a motherboard/CPU etc bundle at a special price and I merely wished to know the make and model of the particular mobo.

Still awaiting the response from two enquiries...

  spuds 14:36 27 Oct 2005

tonesy11--Bit like advertising a mini, taking a deposit, then trying to sell you a Rolls Royce. Phone your credit card company, that is what they are there for to sort out these sort of problems. They will get a better response from Savastore, and very much faster than you will.

  TONY-287914 18:30 27 Oct 2005

I also wish i had visited this forum as i have today 27/10/05 placed an order for the c4i for my company. I decided to cancel after second thoughts some 4 hours later.I cancelled on line as directed but of course you cannot tell if the info has got through.So I have emailed every body at the company of my desire to cancel.Out of curiosity I phoned my bank Abbey only to find out that the money had already been taken from my company account that afternoon.I to placed the order on the strength of the PC Advisor review.

  p910i_user 00:26 28 Oct 2005

Their ad says 30 years experience.... Hope they're not around in 2035... With their concept of customer service, I'd be amazed if they are trading next year.

Had BIG problems with them - undelivered goods. Best time to get through is Monday morning @ 9.30. Still waiting for reply to 16 e-mails though.....

Just mention Office of Fair Trading, small claims court, DTI, and listen to them squirm. Also mentioning their finance licence in bad terms seems to have a galvanizing effect.

Bset of luck. Will NEVER touch them again.

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