No reply from my computer supplier when things go

  Tepes 13:46 28 Jun 2007

I bought a computer from golden electronics six months ago, it had a few teething problems but nothing major. However on Thursday 21st June it crashed completely, doesn't seem to be any power going to the computer. I checked the power cable with another computer and that was fine, so I'm assuming this could be a major problem. I e-mailed Golden Electronics that day as it's still under warranty and it probably needs to be returned to be fixed. However I've had no reply to that or a further two e-mails I've sent. I'm now getting rather worried as I've checked their site and the only contact that works is for sales, neither customer services nor technical support seems to be working. This doesn't look too good to me, especially as the only contact details I can find are via e-mail. Any ideas anyone? Or anyone experiencing anything similar?

  Pine Man 14:13 28 Jun 2007

It seems strange that this company either has no phone number or is ex directory.

I would send them details by snail mail and get the letter 'signed for'. It costs about a £1 for second class or about £4 next day delivery I think.

If you haven't got it their address is:-

Golden Electronics Ltd
35 Cumberland Business Park
Park Royal, London
NW10 7RT

  jolorna 14:29 28 Jun 2007

there was a thread before about them click here

  Forum Editor 18:18 28 Jun 2007

send a letter by special delivery (not recorded delivery), and say that you expect them to fulfil their obligation to you under the terms of their warranty, and that unless you receive a response within seven days you will take immediate action against them through the small claims court.

At the end of the letter put the sentence "I reserve my rights in this matter".

Make sure you keep a copy of the letter, and post back to let us know what happens.

  I am Spartacus 18:44 28 Jun 2007

Just wishing to learn FE. What effect(s) does the statement 'I reserve my rights in this matter' provide?

  Forum Editor 18:56 28 Jun 2007

It means that you're protecting your rights in law. What sometimes happens is that people who have a grievance make what might be seen as an offer to the other side - "I'm entitled to a new XYZ but I might accept an ABC". They do it because they're keen to get a resolution of their problem, and they're offering an olive branch.

This might backfire later, when they realise that they're worse off than they needed to be, so the prudent think to do is to say, in effect, 'I'm contacting you and saying this, but I may choose to withdraw to another position later, so for the time being I'm reserving all the rights that the law provides for me"

By including the sentence in your letter you are creating an audit trail, to which you can refer later, if it's disputed. The fact that you send such a letter by special delivery means that a) it's guaranteed to be delivered before noon on the next working day, and b) it must be signed for by the addressee, so again you have that audit trail - the other side can't say 'we didn't get the letter'.

  I am Spartacus 19:01 28 Jun 2007

Thank you FE, useful to know.

  Tepes 15:51 29 Jun 2007

Friday 29th june still nothing. E-mail sent to sales as only address working. Site says they're closed early on Friday and not open at weekend, also takes two days to answer so that'll be Tuesday/Wednesday then.

What good is a three year warranty if I can't get a reply when something goes wrong in under a year?

Will keep you posted regarding letters etc.

  Tepes 15:55 29 Jun 2007

Regarding small claims court, I bought my computer with a credit card at what point do I inform them, as I believe I may have different rights and may not need to take this route.

  spuds 23:47 29 Jun 2007

Contact your credit card company as soon as you think possible, they may have further advice and information that may assist you.

  Tepes 14:59 10 Jul 2007

Still no reply from Golden Electronics, I've sent a letter by special delivery, which has been confirmed as being delivered. At moment waiting for credit card company to get back to me. Have also begun to lodge complaint with advertising standards authority as, apparently, websites are classified as adverts. I'm expecting to have to go all the way to court with this one, which means I will be claiming further expenses - not that that means I'll get them back. All in all this has turned out to be an expensive nightmare.

Will give further update when have any news.

PS anyone know where i can get a cheap computer from :)

Maybe it's time to try a powermac!!

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