No one into tablets here?

  rickf 10:28 08 May 2011

Hi, I am a bit surprised not to have seen any postings on tablets. I recently bought an Archos 101 to have the experience. It's been great and I have just upgraded to an Acer Iconia A500 32gig arriving on Thurs 12th. I was thinking of the Asus TF101 but was offered an Acer Iconia A500 at a very good price. There is not much difference between the two but both are Ipad killers.

  Forum Editor 12:34 08 May 2011

"both are Ipad killers"

I'm afraid not. For the moment iPads dominate the tablet market, and rightly so - nothing comes close in terms of design and useability. The Motorola Xoom is a promising rival, but right now it has nowhere near the style and panache of the iPad 2.

I was one of those who said 'iPad? Not likely!' a year ago, but now I freely admit I'm a convert. I had to do some research on tablets for a client, and the iPad came out a clear winner. I acquired one a few days ago, and already I'm completely hooked. It comes very close to being the perfect mobile computing device as far as I'm concerned. I have a T-Mobile SIM onboard, so I can access the web anywhere there's a T-Mobile or Orange signal, or a wireless connection.

  woodchip 18:07 08 May 2011

Yes I take em Morning Noon and night

  Forum Editor 19:25 08 May 2011


Ever at the cutting edge of technology, eh?

  woodchip 19:30 08 May 2011


  ams4127 22:36 08 May 2011

I agree with the FE. I bought my ipad just before Christmas having thought long and hard before doing so.

I've had a look and play with a couple of Android tablets recently and wouldn't dream of changing to one of them.

  bremner 08:11 10 May 2011

Is there a more over used word in technology than "killer".

There were so many "iPod killers" that they could have formed an army. Unfortunately it would have been an army resoundly beaten.

What we need are tablets that offer a real alternative to the iPad, that will in turn push Apple to make more innovative improvements.Unfortuantely to date there have not been any and the iPad rules the roost.

  Forum Editor 16:46 10 May 2011


I think you've summed it up pretty well. There are undoubtedly a couple of strong challengers out there, and more to come this year, but the iPad is still in a class of its own.

  Terry Brown 20:01 11 May 2011


Can you tell me how you managed to get a resolved tick, as I cannot find out how. Thanks


  lucky1 21:21 11 May 2011

Terry, you should have a series of greyed out ticks next to each post. If you click on the one which most answers/solves the thread it will turn green.

  lucky1 21:23 11 May 2011

Should have added that the greyed out ticks are only visible to the original poster.

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